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Friday, March 8, 2013

Unexplainably Beautiful

Emotions are something that is unexplainably beautiful thing that makes life interesting. And what makes it more interesting is with the external factor of music and let it sink us into the beautiful realm. As much as I sounded like a crazy person now, but it make sense somehow to me.

Looping the new duet rendition of Foolish Games by the beautiful Jewel & Kel. Maybe I am somehow in the zone or something. There is like a big tear in between my chest. That hallow that needed to be filled so bad. That is something I was trying to say. That emotions that is stirring up from their voices. And without any reason, a tear strolling down to my cheek.

Some people say music is art. But I disagree. Music is a language that we use to express the emotions within. That voice that sings out is a medium to pull out all that emotions. These few days, I've been guiding a friend who I find has this ability to do so. Not just sing, but the emotions and tone of his. One word, beautiful, period.

The feedbacks from my friends and producers are positive so far. Of course, a person without any musical background, there is much needed to polish up on techniques. Ron and Cow has agree to help me out with this. There ain't no better than this two besties of mine to help him out. The more I think of it, the more I was feeling the vibe that wanting to fight on.

Another transition for me tomorrow, and I really got no idea how am I gonna go through this but just having a blind faith of going through this one step at a time. Letting all the emotions flowing through me, and for that, I'm thankful that I am still feeling every part of this.

Looking at this very edge I'm standing at, all I'm feeling was blessed. Taking that time to just close my eyes and soaked into that flow from the song, every word that came out from their voices just seems to made every sense.


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