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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Next Chapter Is About To Begin

The best refinements are those you hardly notice. Deceptive in their simplicity, you may not notice them at all. Truly great design steps aside, leaving you with a sensation, a feeling. This was British Airways ambition when designing the interiors for their next generation aircraft.

Soon, BA(British Airways) A380s will fly between London Heathrow, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. When you step on board, you can’t put your finger on exactly what makes flying in them so pleasurable. Could it be relaxing in a seat so optimised for comfort you haven’t needed to adjust it or that you missed night becoming day because the lighting made the transition so gentle.

More than 90 years of experience has taught BA how to get things right and their intention is to make sure – on every second of every flight – you realise how flying with BA makes you feel.

Let check it out

Take a look inside BA new aircraft, before you experience it for yourself.
Here are the provisional dates and times that the A380s will be flying.

From London Heathrow to Los Angeles
BA0269 15-Oct LHR (T5) LAX (B) 16:15 19:15
BA0283 18-Oct LHR (T5) LAX (B) 12:05 15:10
BA0269 27-Oct LHR (T5) LAX (B) 15:00 19:05
BA0269 03-Nov LHR (T5) LAX (B) 15:00 18:05
BA0269 03-Nov LHR (T5) LAX (B) 15:00 19:05

From Los Angeles to London Heathrow
BA0268 15-Oct LAX (B) LHR (T5) 21:30 15:45
BA0282 18-Oct LAX (B) LHR (T5) 17:45 12:00
BA0268 26-Oct LAX (B) LHR (T5) 21:45 14:55
BA0268 03-Nov LAX (B) LHR (T5) 20:45 14:55
BA0268 09-Mar-14 LAX (B) LHR (T5) 21:45 14:55

From London Heathrow to Hong Kong
BA0025 15-Nov LHR (T5) HKG (T1) 18:40 14:20

From Hong Kong to London Heathrow
BA0026 16-Nov HKG (T1) LHR (T5) 23:25 04:50


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