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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't Have To See The Whole Staircase To Take The First Step

Every imperfection has something perfect in it. From the most beautiful thing could just be the most painful memory. But yet, every step will be worth it when we look back once a while. The whole night, we were just cuddling up and talking what the future will be like. Still our lives inter-wind in the strangest way possible. From here till where I will be heading, it is all just about taking the first steps.

For once after a long time, I just have to be myself. Nothing to be afraid, not afraid to be judged, not afraid to be seen. It was just that kinda time where you just have to be you. Finishing each other's sentence the whole time till we fell asleep. Somehow we knew there isn't any concrete foundation for us to move forward from here. But yet, it just never felt wrong when we are around each other.

I know as creepy as it may sound, but I do find it is some sorta blessing. I know everyday in my life, I just wanted to be like everyone else. Since G and Rainer left, everything seems so far in so many ways. Mr D is the only one left around me. But not for long before he is moving again. But I am not complaining anything at all. I am happy for them as it is all for the best, except G maybe. Cause I really hated him checking in into places and countries I wanna be. NON STOP! It is like every week he will be flying from Finland to Beijing to Tokyo, then Cape Town to Canada and Mexico and the list goes on.

Well, not to see anything in the way they are, but just taking all the baby steps. For now, the journey is just a plain path. Listening to Dave Barnes on my iPod, having a hand to hold on to, nothing seems to matters. I know all of these are just a temporary home. But for now, I just wanna sink in to this moment and soaked it all in. For now, everything seems right... At least, for now... That is more than what I could ask for in life.


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