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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Something Different

Foe once, everything seems feeling right at this point. To begin with, being able to see through what is just right in front of you. I guess somehow I come to peace with myself. Not that it really matters to anyone. And for this time, things could possibly be a little different from where I am heading.

Every turn in life, we sometimes are in denial with what have changes. Well, I am too all the time, being a big part of it, I guess life has a new definition to me. Living by the edge and I seriously am lying if I say I never miss those days. But somehow, every little bits of it being put together and all I can say I am blessed.

Right now, just you sitting beside me and listening to Kara Dioguardi's music, nothing more is needed. And one of the funny part of it is we don't really have to say anything to understand each other. Every smirk and smiles when something run through our minds. Oh lord, how much I really miss all these time we use to spend together.

Maybe for now, I just didn't wanna think what will be for us now. Let it just be this beautiful memory in the making. No matter how it would be, it is something worth for me holding on. I guess. Even looking back the days from James till now, everything really happened with a reason. Somehow that forgiveness is just all it takes to change everything painful into something beautiful.

Yes, no doubt, I really wish this moment will not end, being here with u sharing the head phone, not caring about how others see us through the long hall way. It was a world that is enough for us to be who we are. And I guess I kinda made up my mind of what will I do. In just two more weeks, I guess, I could be somewhere I could call home. I know everything that everyone wanted for me is the best. But I need to do what is best for myself. Or at least I think I am.

Whatever the heart will lead me, I guess I will just let it go with me. For a long time, something different that made me feel the same. I don't even know if I made sense. But it is the first step taken from here. Shall see where my path will lead me from now. No matter where it will ends, it is a journey I will travel along.


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