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Monday, January 20, 2014

Captured Love And Loss Beautifully

I saw this photos on the web and I thought why not sharing this with everyone. It is much more beautiful than it is sad. I really admire Angelo's courage and his capability to walk his wife through tough times. Every single picture really speaks for itself. The love, the support, the courage, the fear and the pain. I envied the love they both share and the power of being there for each other.

It is so surreal, every expressions were like talking to you through every photos. And also, some... some very familiar expressions as well.

They're images that would break anyone’s heart.

A husband’s poignant photo series documents the intimate moments of his wife’s fight with breast cancer — and her death.

The photos are personal — one shows a handful of hair that had fallen out, another is so magnified that Jennifer’s shedding eyelashes are visible.

A lot of what you see about cancer is glossing over what’s really happened. I think this would help people understand better how they could be there for a family member or friend. I guess so far, there isn't anything way more near to what reality is for all cancer patient out there. 

Angelo Merendino is a photographer whose wife Jennifer died of cancer a couple years ago. Throughout the process of her battle with the terrible disease, Angelo documented the beauty of their relationship, even through the extremely rough times. The series was recently released, and it pulls no punches. There are photos in this series that look as though Jennifer had no desire to shine as the subject, but the impacting nature of the whole would be lost without them. You might even feel wrong gazing this deeply into some of the private scenarios.

We have selected a handful of photos, but the waterworks will really flow if you take a second to scroll through the images from start to finish, in chronological order, here. It’s much more beautiful than it is sad.

The photos humanize the face of cancer and capture the difficulty, fear, and pain that they experienced during the difficult time. But as Angelo commented: “These photographs do not define us, but they are us.”


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