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Friday, January 17, 2014

A New Shift

All the little things that adds up to this. I know that this is something that don't make sense at all. Honestly, I am happy. Genuinely am happy and in a place where I always wanted to be. But the thing is about me now is I am at a state of writers block on my music. Irony much!

I was in the shower this morning and I realize what shit I got myself into right now. But well, it isn't something I see coming. A part of me can't really believe after everything that happened, I would be in this happy realm.

I am so use to write sappy sad songs, songs that are expressive of anger, frustration and chaos. It isn't about what I can do with the happiness from within. But just the fact that my happy songs are like crap. Like literally. And I am not joking at all. It is just another league. A league of songs that will never make it to an album.

The more I wanted to find that dark murky part in me, the more I ended up with things that didn't make sense. It all brings me back to where I was fighting on what I wanted to write with my label few years back. I never really thought that this day would actually come. But well, we all needed to do what is needed. I texted a few of my friends on this, but I guess that they know I am just full of crap. Ignoring me is the best way to deal with me. (See, I told y'all I have crappy friends! Joking! I am so gonna get killed by writing this out loud.)

But well, there is a will there will be a way I suppose. I just have to dig deeper into that state of mind. And well, sorry for writing crap yet again! 


  1. Write happy tune songs but with sappy messages in it. Hahaha

  2. I never thought about that.. It might work.. But only the lyricist would dig into thar.. Or.. You wanna be my lyricist?!?! Lol



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