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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lost Angels Of Los Angeles

Being in Santa Monica just reminds me so much go our time in Bali late last year. For all it's worth, it does brings me back to the place where I wanted to be. In just less than 24 hours, I will be leaving the states and all I can think of right now is ways for me to miss my flight.. AGAIN! 12:28am and he is soundly asleep aside me. I am just wondering if this would last.

I guess somehow it is just a place you feel you could just be. A home, a safe haven. Yes, no doubt there are so much more that is for me in Malaysia. Even though this will be a relatively short trip back. I'll be coming back to LA late March or early April for work. Being here again really reminds me of where I wanna be or I should say where I wanna see myself living. But well, family comes first. It is another culture that I do think it doesn't really matter to me. No matter when or where, family will always be there, and it is what is more important to me is how much we wanna put in that effort to make that happen. It doesn't have to be just a particular period of time. 

Somehow manage to tap into the place I needed to be to write my songs again. Well, sometimes the more you wanna prevent yourself being in that particular place, there more the direction will point you there. Yes no doubt that I didn't really wanna write my music due to that course but I just have to give it in. Cow has been really helpful with the lyrics, and I must say, she is just brilliant in writing! I didn't know what else to say when I saw the first draft. 

I wanted this to stay on, but I know it is just not the way things will be. The more you feel right, the more it will be complicated. I can't get it out of my head when we were just sitting on the beach enjoying the sunset, you just turned and tell me things would be so different if we were living in a different life right now. 

Somehow for the first time I realize that I really do agree with him. If the circumstances were much simpler, I guess happiness is just inevitable. I really wished that the kiss would just last forever. Staying on and it didn't even bother me we were in he public either. For once, we both felt the world is ours to live in.

For once, feeling lost in the city of angels felt so right. Two heavy hearts, two different path, two different worlds, but beating in sync for what is worth. Just one day, for just one day it will only be just us. Doesn't matter what the world will say, doesn't matter what the label will say, doesn't matter what people see. It is just us. 


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