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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Grey Zone

In this very world that we are living in, there are always that grey zone that we embrace. As much as we wanna deny this little thing, there will never be that right and wrong or black and white place to be. Well, it isn't about that it doesn't exist. It is just how the world turn around. The right to one, maybe a wrong to another. So where will all these stand? 

Maybe with the alone time I am having right now, I just could simply put myself in perspective. There are many things we do in life that we appreciate, we love, we hate, we regret or even cherish. There are so many different kinds of people around us, the givers, the takers and the betweens. Even those who are being in love, everyone has a different way to express themselves. The new agers, the conservative ones, and the ones that is just.. well, let us just leave it there. 

So this get me to think, how do we wanna make it right to be the righteous?  Then answer is just a simple "impossible". As much as we wanna make things right, we  do sometimes forget that this life we are living is just one simple lifetime. To be that righteous one, what we don't realize is that way of living is just to please someone. For the record, it's just another to say do we wanna live for others or live for ourselves.

We have our wants and needs, And everyone has a different way of being themselves. But the question now is just how do you wanna be? Make it simple, it made me realize there are a lot of things in life that I do not owe anyone to be clear of how I wanna live it. I have the most beautiful family to support me on whatever I do, I have the most wonderful bunch of friends who will always be there to share everything, and the one person I would love without any second thought of bearing to see them hurt. I am living in a dream that I wouldn't thought I would have as my career. So what does it really matters right? 

I maybe one stubborn piece of crap, but I just don't see why anymore to wanting everyone to accept the way we are. Maybe it is just a part of me wanted to be left alone on this. The things we wanna see is just somehow simple. Being able to express. Being able to love, and being able to be. I just don't wanna be there to be apologetic for the things that we are. Underneath all that smile, there is always a world of truth that shouldn't be judge. We live for ourselves. 

PS - Maybe this might not make sense to many, but it's just an inspiration for my upcoming work. Me and Cow were brainstorming on some new tracks and this is what she came up with. I think this gonna be very alternative piece. A lot of anger, a lot of breaking through, a lot of frustration and the dire need to be free. And as an equal. No more superiority, just respect of being human. And barbz, you are one of the strong inspiration that puts me into perspective. Love you much! 


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