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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Flying Cow Experience

Best birthday present ever?!? Maybe give it a few days when everything sunk in, then I will be able to say that out loud. I love her, but I still thinks she should just stick to singing.

Waking up at 5 is really challenging for me. It takes less than an hour to get to Teterboro Airport. But somehow to beat the traffic to get to New Jersey is one thing. The important point is the morning skies. I was excited about it. Don't know what will I expect and just the mind is playing tricks. 

The taking off and landing was scary. I wasn't breathing at all literally. But once in the sky, it was just out of this world. Nearly two hours just flying over and across the state. It was breathtaking from New Jersey over New Work and back.

I learned a lot of new things especially on flying. There are so much to do before the plane leaves the ground. From paperwork, to flight plan. Inspection of aircraft the. Getting it ready before you fly. After landing, another whole lot of checking and paper work. Even though her license was just few weeks old, I guess she really it's in so much effort to make this happen.

And finally, I just wish she could start pulling the breaks. Yes, you maybe a superwoman, but you are with a child and you know I love you more than anything. And you should know best what to do. Well, back to the topic, on the whole, The Flying Cow Experience is just mind blowing. At least to me it was. Thank you for such a special birthday present. Ever...

Here are more pictures below. I didn't manage to take much as I was literally terrified but yet at awe. And what will be better than having you as a pilot for giving my virginity away on this. You are just an amazing person. 


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