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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Closing at the end.

It has come to a closing at last. There ain't any more unfinished business.
I had found peace (hopefully) at last.
The burden is being let down. I am now free to go my way.
In many ways, I have planned all the remaining days and things in hand.

A beautiful angel, thank you so much for bringing me back to this world.
Where a world I did not believe love will be there any more.

Somehow it was just not the right thing even it felt right.
Somehow there is still something I felt not right. It was all Nicholas all over again.
And with this, I do trust it was the right thing to do. Beautifully right to look back and smile.
Maybe not rightfully there. I love the way you are. Kel, I know you will take good care of my angel.
Your light is the most beautiful thing for him. He has a beautiful and innocent soul.
Time for me to go my way. And Kel, don't worry about me any more.
Its m calling now. I will miss you guys so much. This 11 years is a beautiful one.
My angel, its not a long time we have known each other, but I want you to know, No matter where I am, I will always be there. You will know cause you are my shining star.

A beautiful life it was for me so far, James you taught me how to love, Thank you very much for slapping me and wake me up from my dream. Without you, I will never learn how to love.
You will always be a memory that will live within me. A painful yet a beautiful one.
I loved you the  wrong way, but it was never a lie. You were my everything. Thank you very much.
Forgive me for not loving you the right way. Without you, I never knew that the pain of letting go someone you love. I know now. The pain is unbelievably painful. Even more painful when it was just something which doesn't belong to you at all. Again, Thank you.

This is the beautiful evening sky here beside the lake. Thinking that how beautiful it was if you were here now. The sunset today made me stop and think for a good long time.  It was the right thing to do now. I know how much I have to deal with if I were to choose the other way round. It was the best for all. And now, believing the love does exist, thankfully, I found my way now. It is my time. Hopefully our path will cross again. If that time does come that way, I will never let go of what I will see in you ever again. Thank you for a beautiful life and a beautiful memory. I do hope the "snow" will come again like that one that came on a beautiful October morning.


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