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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From A World That No One Will Understand.

Where there is no one there, three beautiful people in my life took me up and lead me back. I know that all of you cared and love me the way I am. But somehow this broken pieces are just way too much for me to handle. I know in many ways the cared and beautiful words that supports me to stand up again.But when I was with you and the sight of the baby grand standing in front of me.My heart shatter into pieces. Wish I would sit and all the beautiful tunes will flow.Whereas only holding back is what I can do. I know all of you love me the way I am. I love you all more than anyone can imagine I had. Anthony, I do thank you for your patience and love. But I can't have it now. My heart won't be entirely yours. and I will not be the same man I used to be. But thankfully I will always be a friend to you. Kelly, You never ever failed me for once. Consistently being by my side. Bringing me up when i am down. But this time I have to do it myself. Andrew, Thanks for all of your effort and intuitive heart you have. I know you wanna push me up again. But Like wise with Kel, I have to find my way myself. And thanks for that wonderful gift. It is really my first in life. I wish I could say no. But i know if I did, I would break your heart. I will cherish and care for it like non I had. 
Nell, You are as inspiring as you are. Your book is such a beautiful one. I will live for music and love like you say. It will be a new beginning. I will cherish that motivation you gave me. Your light has brought me so much laughter and wisdom. You are as inspiring as you are. Till now I can't believe I was sitting in front of you bragging about my  journey and patiently you are listening to it. And having dinner and that show we went. Magical and inspiring. Thanks very much Nell. You are really an angel

This may be my last ounce of breathe to those that understand. I wish the love I share will never end but somehow it has to. Till I can find myself again. For now, please let me go peacefully.. That is all I ever ask.. let me go.. .. ..

2 a.m., where do I begin?Crying off my face againThe silent sounds of lonelinessWants to follow me to bed
I'm a ghost of a my past that I want to be mostI'm the shell of a my present that I used to know well

Too afraid to go insideFor the pain of one more loveless nightBut the loneliness will stay with meAnd hold me 'til I fall asleep

I'm a ghost of a my present that I want to be mostI'm the shell of a my future that I used to know well
Broken pieces ofA barely breathing storyWhere there once was loveNow there's only me and the lonely

Dancing slowly in an empty roomCan the lonely take the place of you?I sing myself a quiet lullabyLet you go and let the lonely in to take my heart again..

To that single person that stands strong in my heart. I love you more than words can say
You thought me more than anyone does the way of life, to live and to love.
I will miss you every single day after all these have gone. 
I love you every single breathe I take. I really do.


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