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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is where I am being pushed to the cliff.
You all wanted the best for me. But is it the best for me?  
I bear all the pain. I complaint no more. 
I resisted addiction. I say no word. 
But why this. Did you considered my feelings ever?

Knowing the fact of a good intention.
But why took a detour to make me feel this way?
Considerably I am not alone enough?
Could you ever feel what I am going through?

NO you will never know how I feel unless you are in the bed.
I am still human and yet very alive.
And in the end, I am tired with all these lies.
I hate the fact its all for a greater good.

You will never know my cries
You will never feel what I felt.
You don't know how the pain is.
You all judge me without a trial.
You have taken that soul's last breathe.

Could you love somebody like that?
Could you attract someone like that?
Could you go where people can't see someone like me
Could you do that?
All I see are stepford-like lives
Needles and knives
Beautiful lies
Bringing out the green in your eyes
A perfect disguise for envy and pride

Would you face me
Make me listen to the truth,
Even if it breaks me
You can judge me, love me
If you're hating me do it honestly

But you choose to let me break alone behind lies.

Remember I am not a humble beast, if you crosses me and push me to the end.
A piece of advice, You hope for a bulls  eye. 
If not, Even it will take my life. I will take you down with me. 


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