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Saturday, November 19, 2011


You think you're lost, but that's not true,
You simply lived a dream or two.
You travel all this way to find,
You never left your home behind,

We have to finish to begin
We have to lose before we win
Soon we see its isn't far
To where we were to where we are.

Home is a place in your heart.
Every journey leads you back to where you start
Close your eyes its very easy.
You will find you are already home.

Yes there is no place as good as home.

Prologue :
To those who have lost their way from time in life.
This is a very beautiful song that made someone's life and got his way again.
Especially to those starting a new journey in life.
But remember that this. We may be quiet and far in life from now.
But this is what I wish you to know.
Even we may not cross path again.
This is one beautiful life where you have brought me home.
If there is points in life, you wanna know where is safe.
Remember this song.


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