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Thursday, November 24, 2011

If I save my heart for you

This is something from parts and bits of my life 
There are so much in me I wanna share. My past, My present and my future.
Somehow just that life is always surprisingly kind to me.
This is something I will not find out the answer to it.
I have to leave. I have to let it go.
I have no reason at all to be angry at the Higher Power.
But I believe that He has the reason why He needed me to let it go.
I have to have a little faith. It is just not my time now I tell myself.
But this is a beautiful song. And beautiful things are meant to share.
All I wish for you is good health and a better future. I love you~ 
and you will always be a family to me. 
Just remember family will not leave you alone. Even we are going different ways now.
You gotta just remember to smile.

If I save my heart for you
Will I ever have your love?
I know that some dreams don’t come true
Only fools won’t give their mind

Could I feel this touch so strong without?
If we really don’t belong in love
Will you ever feel it too?
If I save my heart for you.

There are games that I could play
I could act like I don’t care
Seems the time I go away
Well its then you want me there
Still I cannot get you close enough
The shades go down the walls go up
Will you ever let me through?
If I save my heart for you.

I wanna love that knows no boundaries
I wanna love that wears no mask
And when I feel those arms around me
That’s when I won’t have to ask
I won’t have to ask.

Love is such a fragile gift
When it’s someone you feel magic with
Will you ever say you do?
If I save my heart for you,
If I save my heart for you. 


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