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Saturday, November 26, 2011

That November

Before heading to to Logan International Airport.
I still got some time to post my last post. As I know in years to come, I will always remember two months of the year. One was June another one will be November. This is such a beautiful month and such a great place to be. With smile and tears upon this special month. I have one little last song to post. Its called " That November". I will be in the depths of writing on the musical after this. Will not be any distraction will not be any disruption. This month filled with so much emotions. It made me wanna be a better person. I know where my heart goes. This is for you. I know in years looking back I will smile and say, that was us. With a big smile on my face.

Beautiful November morning stroll in the park in Boston 

That November.

Blue and gold behind me in the bleachers

Go Comanches on makeshift cardboard signs
“We Will Rock You” blaring through the hometown speakers

As I flew from the pyramid

In the last game of my life

A string of taillights on a dark and dusty dirt road

Bon fire burning back a Tommy Collar’s farm

Jake’s leather jacket kept me from getting too cold
I was wrapped up in the moment

Wrapped up in his arms

I won’t forget

Seeing our breath How warm it felt
Out in that freezing weather
The fire on his lips
Chills on my skin
Loving him turned to embers
I’ll forever remember
That November

Heater cranked in his daddy’s Silverado
Little detour up on Cedar Hollow Ridge
I drew our names inside a heart on a foggy window
My daddy would have killed us both
If he knew what we did

The fire on his lips 
Chills on my skin
I’ll forever remember
That November


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