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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Risk Game

Playing the risk game sometimes may be fun. Taking the chances you have in hand and hoping for what the outcome we wanted. Some risk doesn't really impact ones life, some of it does. It's just a matter of playing the game right. But one thing we always forget is the chances are always 50-50.

I know that this is something that may sound childish or even not worth the time to many. But just thought of getting it off my mind. Since I was a kid, taking risk and playing this game isn't something new to me. But somehow I realize that some of the decisions I have taken are utterly stupid. Yes no doubt that in life, we are meant to take chances and bet on it that it will go the way we wanted it to be. Yet, many times, we forget about the chances are equal. I know the thing that has been twirling around my head is just itsy bitsy thing. I ran over a kitten.

I didn't do it on purpose and it was also not an accident. It was sitting in the middle of the road. And I took my chances that I won't run it over. Choices are made. I could have back off, or even get down from the car and remove it. But I didn't. I drove slowly just hoping I would not get it somehow. But in the end, I look at my side mirror, there it was.. still moving.. and.. Lets not go there.

I know that it just a small thing. But still fact is I have taken that risk and it didn't went the way I wanted it to be. I started to just sit back and reflect on what my actions were. A big part of me realize I do in many occasions playing the risk game. Even to the expense of others. I asked myself now that is this who I really wanted to be? When you are just in the game, you never realize what are the consequences. Yes no doubt there should be a point where we have taken the leap of faith. But for me, when I fall, I never really see what the mess I have cause. And I am not taking about the kitten any more.

My point is, whenever we play this game, are we fully aware of the consequences and effect that lies ahead? Or should we just let it be and let the mourning comes later when it happens.? I was that kinda person. No, I am still that person. Risk is like candy. You just act to it. Without even being filtered. The thing is how can I alter this crap. I know some decisions in life are made because there are nothing more to lose. But when it comes to that something you had to lose, what can you do to change that when you are being put on the spotlight.


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