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Saturday, July 6, 2013

How To Judge A Man In Bed In Seconds

Well, blame it on the jet lag I totally can't get myself to bed so decided to write some crap. Well, let's go straight to the point. If any men ever says he isn't really into what a person's sexual personalities are, it's just BULL to me! 

First dates are a chance to get to know someone new, figure out if you want to see them again and, potentially, meet the love of your life. But apparently they can also be used to analyse whether or not the guy sitting opposite you is going to be great in bed. Somewhat this will definitely will come across our mind no matter how much one wanna deny about it.

Everyone loves getting to know someone, but apparently chatting with a man doesn't just reveal your compatibility levels or a few key personality traits - it'll also showcase his sex style. I am not saying that this should be a priority, but somehow it does matters. Or maybe at least to me it does. Compatibility in bed is as important as building that relationship. I won't deny that yes I am somewhat a person with much bigger needs than normal I suppose. That said, I guess you would know what bring down the road on what I really am looking for. 

So how do we figure that out if it was with someone new? How can we really figure it out? My case, I would bring it on a test drive. However, not every body goes into it straight on their first date. So what if he or she is someone you really like and wanted to know more about their sexual personalities?

Possibilities as follows :

"If they talk in a monotone and change facial expressions once an hour, they’re flat-lining. Low enthusiasm means they’ll be boring in bed as well. The person who throws their arms in the air at dinner, nearly knocking over the waiter, is full of life and passion. If they can get that worked up out of the bedroom, just think what they'll be like in it!"

"Where they choose to sit when you’re out for a drink or dinner is another giveaway. If they choose the seat facing you and the wall instead of the prime people-watching position, you’re onto a winner."

Yup, having a man choose the seat which faces you, and only you, is a VERY good sign when it comes to predicting his bedroom style - and the reason, when you think about it, is pretty obvious.

"The more their focus is entirely on you, the more they can remain in the moment when you’re alone."


  1. I like to sit beside leh, that way I can whisper dirty stuff without getting too much unwanted attention!

    So that means that I am boring!!! OMG!!!

  2. I would have to say that's very subjective to each individual. just saying.

  3. Sigh, I still need to find men to test out your theory above...

  4. I'd love to sit face to face each time of dating. sadly, that guy wont appreciate me. hahahaha. maybe he should read this !



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