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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Champions Yet Again - Sultanah Asma Marching Band

First of all, highest congratulations to SMK Sultanah Asma Marching Band for this year's feature. It was amazing from what I witness. (Live at regionals and of course YouTube in the finals) Sadly, I was suppose to leave on the same day the finals was going on. Anyway, just landed safely in London and it is all over the news.

To Mr Tang, our champion maker, your idea just gets better year by year. I can't wait to see what is install for Keat Hwa next year! And to the girls, AWESOME JOB!!!  If I am not mistaken, 14 trophies in hand this year. Well done!!!

Well, a big part of me is sad because of how it was being organize this year, but well, no one is perfect. But what makes everything perfect was the performance by this amazing band. Every time they just will blow your mind away. They are not just known as an all girls high school marching band. They are Asma! One of a kind.

I have to say, this year's show is growing into me. Africa is just amazing! The sounds, visual effects, and the sharpness of all the movements. You guys did not portray what other school did. You were pioneering up to where you guys were. Really wished I was there to witness this winning feat. Anyhow, I know I won't be seeing the last of you girls. Sooner or later this year or early next year, I am sure you guys will be competing at an international level. There is when you girls really mature into this production and at your very peak. I am not saying that you guys weren't right now. Look at the awards! 14 in total. It is just how amazing you guys are.

Congratulations. And also, not forgetting SMJK Chung Hwa Wei Sin aka Swadaya Band. Well done too to you guys. A really big leap from last year's performance. Results are just numbers. I guess those who really knows about how a band performance is, they would clearly know what are the rankings will be. Still amazing feat this year! Kudos!!!

Here are some pictures! Will post a better quality video once it's available! Amazing season this year. Can't wait for next year! By the way, love the new uniform! :)



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