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Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Inspiring Story

I realize that besides me rebloging about some of my usual obsessed stuff, I haven't really been writing anything myself. Well, since landed in London, it has been an crazy ride for me. For so many things that have been going on. I am really happy with the progress putting on this album. Oh the high note, I was honored  to be in the presence of the legendary Reba Mcentire and Trisha Yearwood. I was at awed! I am not involve with Kel's Christmas album, but just to be around and hear them doing the last track of the album was just beyond words I can describe. I have to say, it is a must get album this coming October. It sounded amazing! A little big band twist to it. And another amazing thing was Lady Gaga! She came in to deal with some of her work! I was totally STAR STRUCK!

But this isn't why I am blogging this afternoon. I know the last chapter of my Live Today With My All series is still not out. Seriously, I tried everything I could. But there is something which is still missing. Maybe just a big part of me didn't wanna tap into that part as of now. I promise to finish the series. But just gimme some time. And thankful for all the wonderful email all around the world. You guys keep me going.

Getting to the point of me blogging today. I came across this amazing person on the news. A 22-year-old Palestinian stuck at airport for more than 50 days. I find him inspiring. He is Syrian but have been living in Palestine. I won't go all talking about his story here. But for a young chap, who wants to change a life he was living in. He had left Palestine earlier because of the unrest in the occupied territory and wanted to look for a safer country to study and work.

Currently, no country wants to receive him because of his Palestinian passport. I really do hope the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will help him somehow. I did my part having to able to help him reach out. If any one of you who are reading this, and if you guys could, just go to the UNHCR site and there is a corespondent link. I've added to this post.

Sitting here writing this, I really do wonder sometimes, some people always tells me that we have a lot in life that we need to worry about. We couldn't spare a little more effort for others. It isn't that I couldn't understand this part. And there isn't anything to say to it either. o doubt all of us have a lot of things going on. But sometimes I just couldn't stop wondering..
What if it was me, what can I do if I were to travel around the world with only US$70 in my pocket just for a safe place to live an honest and hard working life? 
Ahmed Kanan, you definitely have my highest respect. If you are reading this, if you even needed anything, please do not hesitate to reach out. I was those kinda that never had time to deal with other people's problem. Until I was being diagnose with my sickness. I guess this is just one of the thing I really am thankful to cancer. Without it, I will never see life the way I was suppose to see. You certainly reminded me about the will to keep fighting on to live the life we wanted to. That will you have right there, is something I really hold close to me. Without my will, I wouldn't be what I am or living where I am living right now. 

With your story now out, you inspire me that the fight for a better life is all that is worth. I wanna do my part to help your appeal. I really hope other readers who has some time to read his story, play a little part for this young chap's story. All I am asking is help him in any way you could. Write to the UNHCR, or buy him a meal if you happen to be at the international terminal in KLIA. Keep fighting Ahmed, you have all the support all around the world! Keep inspiring us, and live an honest and great life ahead! You will always have all the blessings. 

Sofa, so good: Ahmed uses a two-seater couch at the transit lounge as his bed.
Ahmed uses a two-seater couch at the transit lounge as his bed. For more than 50 days now, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) transit lounge has been home to a stranded 22-year-old Palestinian.


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