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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Prayer

I've never really thought I could do this in just a short period of time. When I got the call from Cow asked me if I am up to it, my first instinct was "No, I need more time on this". But then she told me, this could be very therapeutic especially at times like this. 

When I got the draft on the track, Rebs already had everything written down. Every piece was just there. I went blank on the first day. And one night, I decided to just read back some of my blog post and I came across this very particular advice.

Write a song that's truly personal to you. A song which will touch millions of hearts out there. A song which tells so much for years. - Adrian

All the memories flushes back. Wanting to know how far I could go. To write and make music from passion and emotions. The fire that is burning in you. And all I needed was that push. Cow was on her late pregnancy at that time and what I needed is that believe factor. The next day when I got back, all those little pieces that Rebs put together just made sense. We don't need big tunes, we don't need big arrangements, there is no need to have a 120 piece orchestra to make this song work. All we need is that heart.

And 48 hours later, we got the song. We got the people and we know where we are heading, first draft was just amazing already. A simple arrangement would suffice to make people understand the souls, the heart of this track. And in the end, we made it. And I wouldn't believe I would without Adrian's words. Somehow, when people believe in you, that is all it takes for you to take that step and move forward. And I really needed that with everything that was going on in life.

Thank you AL, there is so much I wanna say, but no words I could use to describe how much that meant to me.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and families of the Malaysian Airlines flight, Gaza as we continue to pray for peace.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Things You Wanted

Human beings, need a lot of things to feel alive. Family, love, sex. But we only need one thing, to actually to be alive. We need a beating heart. When our heart is threaten, we response in one of two ways. We either run, or we attack.

There's a scientific term for this. Fight or flight. It's instinct. We can't control it. Or can we? 

When you thought you knew a person, without a doubt, you would say, " I do know that person." But more than we know, there is a possibility here. Given a choice for loving or staying. Your instinct tells you to run. A sane person who values his values in life would run and gives the other a chance to live. A normal and care free life to live.

Trying to put things in perspective. When you know dying is just a part of life, but what else would you do to put it in perspective? You just can't. For 7 years, I had to live for the choices of my doctors. The guys that cut me open, decides the one choice that was mine. 

And now, I have this heart that beats. I wanna get the choices I make. I wanna get to make my own decisions. I wanna get to be like everybody else. I wanna have my own life. Do the whatever damn hell I choose. 

This is part that I know I couldn't choose. I couldn't choose you. You are the one I wanna wake up with, and go to bed with, and do everything in between with. But I just never get to have that choice. I don't get to choose. I wanna stop fightin myself, but I know I just can't. I don't wanna do this to myself. But can I? 

There are a lot of things I need. There are a lot of emotions I want. There are so much but all are just something that fades away soon enough. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Keep Us Safe

I wanna pay tribute to all the lives lost on flight MH17. I didn't know what I could write, I didn't know what else I could feel. Everything that is happening around me just made every other single problems seems so small. I still don't know how to shake off everything that I am feeling right now. All I could do is express it through music. My last year being a Malaysian, standing proud and with my nation going through dark times like this. No matter what citizen I would be in the future, I will never forget the past that make me who I am.

Deserts grow cold
Rivers run dry
We give up on each other without thinking twice
Hope gets lost
Can't see the dawn
When the storm just won't let up, give us the faith to carry on
When we get scared
Let this be our prayer

God keep us safe tonight
Keep our eyes toward the skies
Send down an army of angels
To make us brave
And keep us strong and unafraid
God keep us safe

We walk a thousand steps in the wrong direction
Broken and bruised, wearing tattered shoes
Asking Him a thousand questions
But we go on
Trying to get back home
Through the struggles and the troubles I know we don't walk alone
Even when we get lost through the valleys we crossed

God keep us safe, safe tonight
Keep our eyes toward the skies
Send down an army of angels
To make us brave
And keep us strong and unafraid
God keep us safe
God keep us safe

Oh God keep us safe
On our way
And keep our eyes on the heavens and give us grace
Send us an army of angels
To make us brave
Keep us strong and unafraid
God keep us safe
Keep us safe

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


7 years 2 months and 4 days since my diagnosis. It just feels like you have been stripped from every layers you have in life. First it was the innocence, then the integrity and at last, the strength.

Things do get better in time. But there will come a time when nothing you do that will make it better. Reading back a lot of my previous post, I am blessed with so much opportunity to keep on fighting and things do get better. But the question now lies with will it be the same for this post too?

It feels like an ultimatum. I guess the last time I felt this way was just before I accepted the fact that my life has totally changed and all I could do is adapt. But will adaptation take place here too? 

Being stripped down naked and feeling vulnerable is one thing, but when being stripped of the will and strength, all I could feel now is fear, tiredness, numbness and constant agony. The news didn't came out of no where. Somehow, it has been a bonus as a matter a fact. But why do I feel time isn't enough for me? 

What more I could do? What more I could have to fight on? There isn't anymore procedure that could relief me from this fear. There ain't anymore medication that I could take for my body to react differently. I feel like I am being drained out. Every layers I have on me were peeled off and what is the next step for me? 

Living could be easy, adaptation could be easy, acceptance could be easy. But facing the inevitable, this is really something very new to me. No one ever prepare me to face this. No one could make me feel better no matter how much they try. No one could take it off my mind. What more could I do? What more could I give to exchange for time? What more could I do to have the strength back? What can I do from here? 

Redefining Business Class

As the battle for the lucrative business travel market grows more intense – with the spoils of success, and the cost of failure, greater than ever before – airlines have decided that a lie-flat bed is no longer enough.

From domestic business class cabins which wouldn't be out of place on an international flight, to seats which are more like suites, a handful of airlines are busy redefining business class as we know it.

Etihad Business Studio

What's so special about it? The new wave of business class for Etihad's Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 jets, the Etihad Business Studio brings suite-style design to business class travel. In addition to an 80.5 inch bed (2.04 metre) bed, there's a side table and ottoman to maximise your space.
A top-loading cupboard and space below the ottoman provide plenty of storage – something of a trend among many new business class seats.

On the A380, Business Studio guests also have access to The Lobby, a serviced lounge and bar located between the first and business class cabins.

When you can fly it: From December you’ll be able to book into Business Suites on Airbus A380 flights between Abu Dhabi and London. The superjumbo will also fly between Sydney and Abu Dhabi from June 2015, with the Boeing 787 slated for Brisbane-Abu Dhabi services.

Singapore Airlines Business Class

What's so special about it? Revealed last year, this update to Singapore Airlines' already-impressive business class could easily be mistaken for first class. Between sitting upright and lying flat-out, the seats offer new ‘Lazy Z’ and Sundeck modes – perfect for watching TV, reading a book or casually tapping away on your laptop.

There’s a new amenity storage area in the side console, a separate laptop stowage area and a personal vanity mirror, while the meal table is height-adjustable to suit all travellers.

The entertainment screen is boosted to 18 inches from the previous 15.4" size, while an ‘all-in-one business panel’ takes care of your power and connectivity needs.

When you can fly it: It’s already available on SQ217/218 from Melbourne to Singapore and then onwards to London, while upgrades of the airline’s current Boeing 777-300ER fleet will begin next year, with all refits completed by 2016.

JetBlue Mint

What's so special about it? US airline JetBlue raises domestic business class to a whole new level with semi-private suites on flights between Los Angeles and New York. With echoes of the transcontinental turf war that's played out between Qantas and Virgin Australia on east-west flights, JetBlue is going up against United Airlines, American Airlines and Delta.

Complete with closing doors, there are four semi-private suites on each aircraft plus 12 standard Mint seats.

The Mint premium cabin offers with the longest (80 inches, or 2.03 metres) widest (22.3 inches, or 56 cm) flatbeds in the US domestic market.

Creature comforts include multiple AC outlets and USB ports for each seat, a massage function and satellite TV.

When you can fly it: JetBlue Mint services are currently flying between New York’s JFK airport and Los Angeles, with a New York-San Francisco service coming later this year.

Virgin Australia's Turn Down Services

Passengers travelling to Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi with Virgin Australia can now enjoy a mattress and an improved linen service in business class.

All of the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER flights now see a pressure-relieving memory foam mattress as standard, with both pillows and the duvet 20% larger than previously offered.

A Virgin Australia spokesperson told Australian Business Traveller that in an improvement to sleeping on a bare seat, the mattress “moulds to passengers’ bodies for better night's sleep”.

Our top tip: When catching some shut-eye, fasten your seat belt over the duvet (pictured), rather than resting the duvet on top.

In the event of turbulence, the crew can then easily spot your seat belt, which avoids having to wake you to ensure it's fastened.

In addition to the size boost, the high-grade cotton duvet and pillow are “styled to complement the interior of the aircraft cabin”.

The move follows the airline’s refresh of its Boeing 777 aircraft in 2012, and brings Virgin in line with Qantas’ business class ‘sleep service’ – launched in the same year.

Virgin Australia flies the Boeing 777-300ER from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to Los Angeles, from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, and from Abu Dhabi to Kuala Lumpur on behalf of Etihad Airways.

Auckland New Airport Terminal

Auckland Airport is moving towards a combined domestic and international terminal, with initial construction work commencing today.

Developed around the existing international terminal, flights will be segregated to manage the split between domestic and international passengers. Passengers flying within New Zealand will use gates at the southern end, while international travellers – including those on Australian flights – use the northern end. In the first phase of the project, the international baggage hall floor area will be increased by 90 metres, or approximately 2,500 square metres at a cost of $8.4 million.

Part of the airport’s 30-year vision, a sixth baggage belt is expected by November 30 2014, with "sufficient capacity to handle the luggage from an A380 flight," said Auckland Airport CEO Adrian Littlewood.

"We also expect a seventh baggage belt will be required shortly thereafter due to further passenger growth."

Also in the pipeline is a new terminal plaza and forecourt – home to a new air traffic control tower – and an underground station to link with rapid public transport. Linking the terminal to nearby hotels will be a cycle-friendly walkway, which also takes guests to and from the airport's car parking facilities.

The airport's 30-year vision earmarks a second runway for 2025, with a possible 890m extension in 30 to 50 years – allowing it to handle larger and heavier aircraft.

Passenger numbers through the airport are expected to almost triple, from 14.5 million in 2013 to 40 million in 2044, which will put the larger, more flexible airport terminal to good use.

Selected domestic flights will continue to use the existing domestic terminal, which is not part of the new combined terminal project.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

World Airlines Awards 2014

Cathay Pacific Airways is named the World's Best Airline in the 2014 World Airline Awards, which were held today in front of a packed audience of highest profile airline industry leaders at Farnborough International Airshow.

The World Airline Awards are regarded as a benchmark of Passenger Satisfaction levels of
airlines throughout the world - delivering a unique survey format based on analysis of business
and leisure travellers, across all cabin travel types (First, Business, Premium Economy and
Economy class passengers). The World Airline Awards are not subscriber based or a profit-driven
award programme. The survey transparency and global survey coverage distinguish the awards
as a most prestigious and respected quality recognition for the world airline industry.
"These 2014 World Airline Awards coincided with the 25th Anniversary of Skytrax, and this event was the perfect opportunity to reward excellence in our industry" said Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax. "We were privileged to stage the Awards at the historic Wind Tunnel venue as part of Farnborough International Airshow, and the global respect for the awards was demonstrated by a record attendance of airlines from around the world."


The World Airline Customer Survey operated between August 2013 and May 2014, during which
time 18.85 million customer surveys were completed. The Survey covers full-service and low-cost
airlines. More than 105 nationalities participated in the survey, covering over 245 airlines, from
large international airlines to smaller domestic carriers. The surveys measure standards across 41
key performance indicators of airline front-line product and service.


1 Cathay Pacific Airways 
2 Qatar Airways 
3 Singapore Airlines 
4 Emirates 
5 Turkish Airlines 
6 ANA All Nippon Airways 
7 Garuda Indonesia 
8 Asiana Airlines 
9 Etihad Airways 
10 Lufthansa 
11 Qantas Airways 
12 EVA Air 
13 Swiss 
14 Thai Airways 
15 Virgin Australia 
16 Air New Zealand 
17 British Airways 
18 Malaysia Airlines 
19 Hainan Airlines 
20 Bangkok Airways


1 AirAsia 
2 AirAsiaX 
3 Norwegian 
4 Jetstar Airways 
5 Indigo 
6 easyJet 
7 WestJet 
8 Virgin America 
9 Jetstar Asia 
10 Scoot 


1 Garuda Indonesia 
2 Cathay Pacific Airways 
3 Singapore Airlines 
4 Asiana Airlines 
5 Malaysia Airlines 
6 Qatar Airways 
7 EVA Air 
8 ANA All Nippon Airways 
9 Thai Airways 
10 Hainan Airlines 


1 Bangkok Airways 
2 Dragonair 
3 Aegean Airlines 
4 SilkAir 
5 Porter Airlines 
6 Copa Airlines 
7 jetBlue Airways 
8 Tianjin Airlines 
9 Alaska Airlines 
10 Shenzhen Airlines 


1 Emirates 
2 Singapore Airlines 
3 Turkish Airlines 
4 Qantas Airways 
5 Cathay Pacific Airways 
6 Virgin Atlantic 
7 Qatar Airways 
8 Air New Zealand 
9 Virgin Australia 
10 Etihad Airways 


1 Singapore Airlines 
2 ANA All Nippon Airways 
3 Etihad Airways 
4 Cathay Pacific Airways 
5 Emirates 
6 Lufthansa 
7 Qantas Airways 
8 Qatar Airways 
9 Garuda Indonesia 
10 Japan Airlines 


1 Qatar Airways 
2 Cathay Pacific Airways 
3 Singapore Airlines 
4 Oman Air 
5 Turkish Airlines 
6 Qantas Airways 
7 Etihad Airways 
8 Garuda Indonesia 
9 Emirates 
10 Hainan Airlines


1 Asiana Airlines 
2 Garuda Indonesia 
3 Turkish Airlines 
4 Qatar Airways 
5 Cathay Pacific Airways 
6 Singapore Airlines 
7 EVA Air 
8 Oman Air 
9 Emirates 
10 Thai Airways 


1 Air France 
2 Lufthansa 
3 Cathay Pacific Airways 
4 Etihad Airways 
5 Thai Airways 
6 Qatar Airways 
7 British Airways 
8 Emirates 
9 Qantas Airways 
10 Singapore Airlines 


1 Qatar Airways 
2 Turkish Airlines 
3 Cathay Pacific Airways 
4 Qantas Airways 
5 British Airways 
6 EVA Air 
7 Virgin Atlantic 
8 Etihad Airways 
9 Emirates
10 Singapore Airlines

5-Star Airline rating recognises high standards of Airport and Onboard Product, together with consistent and high standards of Staff Service delivery in Airport and Cabin service environments. The 5-Star Airline rating recognizes airlines at the forefront of product and/or service delivery excellence.

5 Star Rating5ANA All Nippon AirwaysJapanAsia
5 Star Rating5Asiana AirlinesSouth KoreaAsia
5 Star Rating5Cathay Pacific AirwaysHong KongAsia
5 Star Rating5Hainan AirlinesChinaAsia
5 Star Rating5Malaysia AirlinesMalaysiaAsia
5 Star Rating5Qatar AirwaysQatarMiddle East
5 Star Rating5Singapore AirlinesSingaporeAsia
A key factor behind 5-Star Airline Rating is the airline's ability to deliver a truly consistent and high quality of Product and Service. A great product is not by itself the key to a 5-Star Airline rating, and Skytrax Star Rating also places great emphasis on the Quality of front-line service an airline provides. A 5-Star Airline rating recognises airlines whose front-line staff (across airport and onboard experience) deliver a true and consistent 5-Star standard of service delivery.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Airbus Launches The A330neo

Following a decision by the Board of Directors of the Group, Airbus has launched the A330-800neo and A330-900neo, two new members of its Widebody Family, which will incorporate latest generation Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, aerodynamic enhancements and new cabin features. Benefitting from the unbeatable economics, versatility and high reliability of the A330, the A330neo reduces fuel consumption by 14% per seat, making it the most cost efficient, medium range Widebody aircraft on the market. In addition to greater fuel savings, A330neo operators will benefit from a range increase of up to 400 nautical miles and all the operational commonality advantages of the Airbus Family. Deliveries of the A330neo will start in Q4 2017.

“The A330 is a very important margin contributor for our Group. It’s also one of the most reliable and efficient commercial aircraft ever. Customers love it. With our decision to re-engine the plane, we will keep the A330 flying high for many more years to come. The development costs for the A330neo will be incurred from 2015 to 2017 with an impact of around -70 basis points on Airbus Group’s 2015 Return on Sales target. However, we have a very good business case and the A330neo, once in service, will continue to significantly contribute to our group’s earnings,” said Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus Group.

“The A330neo is the logical evolution of our reliable and versatile A330 Family. It provides an optimal solution for airlines around the world looking to minimise their fuel and operating costs while offering best-in-class comfort to their passengers,” said Fabrice Brégier, Airbus President and CEO. “We see strong market potential for the A330neo, and like its market-leading smaller sister, the A320neo, we are confident this new aircraft will be a success in the medium-haul segment. We are again leveraging a proven aircraft with a wide operator base and making it even more efficient with the latest innovations and technology developments.”

In addition to the new Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, the A330neo will feature incremental innovations, including aerodynamic enhancements such as new A350 XWB inspired winglets, an increased wing span and new engine pylons. Pilots will benefit from latest generation cockpit systems, and the already very comfortable A330 cabin will be further optimised to offer up to ten additional 18 inch wide seats. Passengers are winners too, as they will be able to enjoy a 21st century on-board experience with for example, fourth generation In Flight Entertainment (3D films), mood-lighting and full connectivity.

Friday, July 11, 2014

MH Expands Codeshare With AA

Malaysia Airlines is ramping up its codeshares on American Airlines flights to and within the United States.

From July 11, the airline will place its code on AA’s daily Hong Kong-Dallas flight – allowing Malaysia Airlines customers to fly with their national carrier across to Hong Kong before picking up the journey with its Oneworld partner.

Currently, Malaysia Airlines customers bound for the United States fly through Tokyo Narita Airport before jumping on an AA or Japan Airlines flight to either Los Angeles or New York, as MH no longer flies to the land of the free.

Expanding on the reach of these existing codeshares, Malaysia Airlines will also apply its code to onward flights from these arrival hubs – allowing passengers to travel seamlessly and earn the highest number of Enrich miles.

From Los Angeles, the airline will codeshare to Austin, Chicago (O’Hare), Miami, Orlando, St. Louis and Washington (Reagan) from August 2 2014.

On the same date, codeshares commence from New York (JFK) to Austin, Chicago (O’Hare), Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami and Washington (Reagan).

Emirates Takes Delivery Of 50th A380

Emirates has received its 50th A380 aircraft, which is due to enter service early August.

As the largest operator of the double-decker aircraft and B777s, the latest delivery swells the airline’s widebody fleet to 224 aircraft, and 90 more A380s on the airline’s order books.

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, said its A380s have generated strong customer interest and high seat factors “wherever we’ve deployed the aircraft” and they currently fly to 27 airports.

“The A380 has helped us serve customer demand on trunk routes, operate more efficiently at slot-constrained airports, and also introduce new concepts on-board that have redefined the flying experience,” he said. “Moving forward, we will see quite a ramp up in the delivery programme and by late 2017 we will have around 90 A380s in our fleet to support existing and new A380 routes.”

Next week the A380 will fly to Kuwait – making it among the shortest A380 flight globally – but it isn’t averse to criss-crossing continents and its 16-hour Dubai-Los Angeles route is the world’s longest A380 service. Mumbai will also come into the network this month (July 23).

By the end of this year, the number of destinations served by an Emirates A380 will increase to 33, with Frankfurt (September 1), Dallas (October 1), San Francisco (December 1) and Houston (December 3) coming on stream.

To date, the airline’s fleet of A380 aircraft has carried 27.5 million revenue passengers, made over 68,800 trips and covered more than 405 million kilometres. The airline currently has over 10,000 cabin crew and 900 flight deck crew specially trained to operate its growing A380 fleet.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Qatar Airways A380 At Farnborough Airshow

Qatar Airways has abandoned plans to bring its first Airbus A380 to next week’s Farnborough Airshow.

The news follows an announcement in June that aircraft deliveries had been delayed after one of the airline’s inspection teams found deficiencies in the cabin.

A Qatar Airways spokesman on Wednesday would only confirm the aircraft would not be arriving in the UK for the airshow, referring to comments made in June by CEO Akbar Al Baker over the cabin issue.

Al Baker had said that arrival of the carrier’s first three A380s in Doha had been further delayed “as certain elements of the aircraft are being finalized to meet the high standards and expectations of Qatar Airways.” It had previously been due for delivery in March. As recently as May, Al Baker had said it planned to begin A380 services to London Heathrow June 17.

“The delays are … due to certain issues affecting the interior of the cabin which were identified during the airline’s standard aircraft delivery process, which includes rigorous inspections by its specialist technical team,” Al Baker said.

“As a result of the findings, the delivery schedule of the airline’s A380 aircraft has been impacted to allow Airbus to address Qatar Airways’ requests. It is completely normal for the inspection process of delivering a new aircraft to an airline to go through several rounds, and this is not an unusual case, though it will lead to an unfortunate delay of several weeks before Qatar Airways’ flagship aircraft will commence commercial service,” he said.

Recent press reports have talked of Aug. 1 as the new date for starting London services.

Credits to ATWonline

Running Away

You dropped the bomb
And now you're gone
I held you dear
You swallowed my fears
And now I've drunk my last beer with you

Oh you, you have been loved by someone good
Yeah you, you will be loved
Oh will you ever know
That the bitterness and anger left me long ago
Only sadness remains
And it will pass

Yeah you you will be loved by somebody good
By somebody good

It all began with this beautiful song. I grew fonder to her work. I was asking how many artists or writer today out there still creates music for music? We all know there aren't many. Somehow, the more I listen to it, the more I know it forces me to face reality. There are so much that is going on right now sometimes running away is one of the coping machanism that works.

When excuses are running out, I realize sometimes it is just feels like you are being tied to the bed and left naked. Being left there, being vulnerable, and helpless. Running away seems the right thing to do. Putting it all into my music and somehow, I feel that if I am not talking about it, it won't be so surreal for me. And yes, I guess it isn't just the right time to pen it down right now. 

Every moment that pass through right now, it feels like a time bomb. You have no idea what will happen next, I know it isn't easy to understand, but I'm sure everyone in my ACS family would know how this feel is. I just won't break. I know eventually, it will cost me something, but it is all I'll ever do.

I wish I'm good in words. My music somehow would be complete if only I could express it in the way I could in my melody. Cow has been busy being a mom now, and I really don't wanna take that away from her. But who else that would understands me enough to help me finish up all this melodies? Dumdum? He would be the last person I would want to hear what I've written. 

I guess these few weeks has been the toughest period for any of us. But a promise is a promise. A 5 minute video a day. That is all we could compromise at this moment. Even though it is good on my creative side,  can't stop wondering if the circumstances were different. The more I think of it, the more I know it will be a blank page. 

I'm unprepared, I'm scared. But what more I could do? What more I could give for all these hurt to stop? I need a sign, I need a way... 

Inside China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

Taiwan-based China Airlines will begin flying long-range Boeing 777-300ER jets later this year with new business class, premium economy and economy seats, but no first class cabin.

The new flagships will make their inaugural flights between Taiwan and Hong Kong from October 1, picking up other Asian routes including Bangkok before stretching their wings on a new direct service to New York followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco and Frankfurt.

China Airlines' Boeing 777-300ERs will carry 358 passengers split across three cabins, with an interior created by award-winning Taiwanese architect Ray Chen.

Chen will also oversee the interior of China Airlines' new Airbus A350s, and has already said that the A350's style will be less staid and more "brisk" than that of the Boeing 777-300ER.

China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER business class

Business class is the biggest upgrade for China Airlines, as the Boeing 777-300ER will feature fully lie-flat beds instead of the 'sloping sleepers' of the current fleet.

The 40 business class seats are a modified version of B/E Aerospace's Super Diamond model set in a 1-2-1 layout so that every passenger has direct access to the aisle. Designer Chen says that the texture of the persimmon tree's grain will decorate the cabin walls, with books and Taiwanese tea supplied so that passengers feel like they are sitting in their own study or a teahouse (admittedly, a teahouse with LED mood lighting). Each seat gets a generously-sized 18 inch video screen with a 4.1 inch 'second screen' on the handheld controller, while AC and USB sockets will keep your travel tech charged during the flight. The cabin will also include a 'quiet zone' – not that business class can get especially rowdy in the first place – with a walk-up bar.

China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Sky Lounge business class bar

The Sky Lounge is a walk-up bar for business class passengers, taking a leaf from the social playbook of Emirates and Etihad. It's a self-serve bar, rather than staffed by a mixologist, which also boasts a selection of snacks and books.

China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER premium economy

The 62 premium economy seats look to be a definite cut above their low-cost economy cousins, and are designed with a fixed-back shell into which the seat reclines and slides forward. Each features a leg rest and foot rest, 12.1 inch screen, AC and USB power sockets plus what China Airlines claims to be an "iPad-friendly" tray table.

China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER economy

The economy section includes 20 three-seat rows which fold out into a 'Family Couch', as shown in this cabin mock-up.

This is the same design as Air New Zealand's Skycouch, which China Southern has licensed from the Kiwi carrier.

With the footrests and armrests raised the Family Couch's total area measures 140cm long and 64cm wide.

The economy cabin is believed to be configured in a standard 3-4-3 layout.

All economy seats use a slimline design from Zodiac Aerospace with a 32 inch pitch and a recline up to 116 degrees, compared to the current 106 degrees. Each passenger gets a 11.1 inch HD video screen.

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