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Monday, July 7, 2014

Four Seasons Jet in 2015

You always fly first class (or even on a private jet), stay in five-star hotels, and dine in only the finest restaurants. Typically, those experiences are all organized through different companies, but what if you could book one ticket and have a single trusted name take care of it all for you? That's the idea behind the Four Seasons Jet.

Billed as “the industry's first fully branded private jet experience,” the Four Seasons Jet is set to take off on its first journey in February 2015. The retrofitted Boeing 757 features 52 individually crafted leather lie-flat seats, on-board Wi-Fi, concierge services, and top-notch cuisine, taking the flight far beyond the first-class experience. But the Four Seasons Jet is as much about where you're going as it is how you get there.

The aircraft, featuring the Four Seasons logo on the fuselage and tail, transports passengers from one Four Seasons hotel to another around the globe for the finest experiences the world has to offer. The first scheduled 24-day, nine-stop Around the World journey next February starts in Los Angeles and ends with dinner in London. You'll be taken to explore world capitals, secluded islands, architectural landmarks and wondrous panoramas.

The second journey, Backstage With the Arts, takes off in April 2015 for 16 days. It features Europe's most celebrated museums and theaters, including Milan's Teatro alla Scala, Prague's Estates Theatre and St. Petersburg's Pavlovsk Palace. The next Around the World journey is scheduled for August 2015 and includes a safari in the Serengeti, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the medina in Marrakech, the Maldives, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and New York.


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