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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Prayer

I've never really thought I could do this in just a short period of time. When I got the call from Cow asked me if I am up to it, my first instinct was "No, I need more time on this". But then she told me, this could be very therapeutic especially at times like this. 

When I got the draft on the track, Rebs already had everything written down. Every piece was just there. I went blank on the first day. And one night, I decided to just read back some of my blog post and I came across this very particular advice.

Write a song that's truly personal to you. A song which will touch millions of hearts out there. A song which tells so much for years. - Adrian

All the memories flushes back. Wanting to know how far I could go. To write and make music from passion and emotions. The fire that is burning in you. And all I needed was that push. Cow was on her late pregnancy at that time and what I needed is that believe factor. The next day when I got back, all those little pieces that Rebs put together just made sense. We don't need big tunes, we don't need big arrangements, there is no need to have a 120 piece orchestra to make this song work. All we need is that heart.

And 48 hours later, we got the song. We got the people and we know where we are heading, first draft was just amazing already. A simple arrangement would suffice to make people understand the souls, the heart of this track. And in the end, we made it. And I wouldn't believe I would without Adrian's words. Somehow, when people believe in you, that is all it takes for you to take that step and move forward. And I really needed that with everything that was going on in life.

Thank you AL, there is so much I wanna say, but no words I could use to describe how much that meant to me.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and families of the Malaysian Airlines flight, Gaza as we continue to pray for peace.


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