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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gossip Hurts

One of the reasons I don't really keep in touch with some old school friends is just purely the way of life and the things we want are really different. I may sound arrogant or even snobbish in a way, but when time comes as you grow older, we tentatively really hand pick our friends.

I don't really know why tonight, I actually decided to meet up with some very old friends whom I've never seen in years. And the whole night, all I really did was smile, nudge my head and acknowledge. All those topic, I just didn't wanna associate myself with. And questions asked, were all those that I didn't wanted to answer.

Everyone been through different stages in life. And everyone has a unique way to cope with it. I don't know, in a way, that's is partly why I do hand pick my friends who I associate with. I know gossip can be fun and one may feel it's harmless. But is it really? Some of the things I hear were not even true and yet they will just go on and on. 

This happen to a relative of mine. I get to have first hand news on what really happened. But the gossips, to one that talks about May think harmless but the fact, the strain that one may cause to the entire family is undeniably painful. Imma not gonna go into details on the story but just let's say, without fact finding or the truth in it really made someone's life hell. 

Maybe this is a small town with a population less than 15000. But the topic of gossip is just a little overwhelming. And I get it when how my bestie says about how it feels like when one is being judged. I told my bestie that even the heterosexuals are as disgusting as how they describe the homosexuals. They don't bother if how the homos get to become, all they see is just a person who doesn't have values. But from the gossips I heard tonight, all the infedality, all the judgement made, all the superiority in ones family, it is really crap to me. 

As we evolves through our life, some choose to stay where they are. Again, I emphasis that this isn't a right and wrong thing. It's a matter of choice. But where the things turn wrong is when a choice is made, and if others were to choose the other way, they think it is wrong. And I do think that it is really pathetic! Among our friends, MK is like my brother to me. I share everything with him and vice versa. He was there too tonight and all he did was just listen n smile through the night. I know MK is going through a really really tough patch in life right now. And I support his every decision on what to do next. What happened here isn't important here, but I got no idea why he would go through all these crap with clearly these so call old friends are just merely acquaintance now. But who am I to say everyone is different. I nearly wanted to say it out loud in their faces that there are many out there who are suffering yet didn't say a word. But I ended up eating back my own words and calming myself down from the inside. I am empathy towards what MK is going through but I know I have to keep my mouth shut. 

I told my bestie, maybe I am really growing old. You just know what you want in life, and how you wanna live it. The small little details in life that really matters to you. Being with people who accepts and never judge. And live by the right virtues and values. These are the things we wanna build our life around. We out grown what life had thrown at us and make the best of what we have. Treating others with the way you want others to treat you. We aren't perfect and we don't have to be perfect. We've done our own mistakes and paid our dues. I am thankful for what life has given me. Even the bad decisions I've made in the past. Cause without all these crap in life, maybe I would still be one of those I called pathetic gossiping and doing things that might hurt others without knowing it. 



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