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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Air France New Business Class Seat

Air France will today (4 February, 2014) reveal details of its new long haul fuly-flat business class seat. As was expected, the seat is the Zodiac Cirrus Aero Seat designed by JPA design.

The seat is similar to that of Cathay Pacific
Cathay new business class
and American Airlines.
 American Airlines business class

The Air France seat has some slightly different design features. For instance the IFE screen does not swing out from the side of the seat in front but seems to be fixed into the back of the seat, and so faces the passenger. In addition the storage areas are slightly different.

We will post official pictures of the Air France seat when we receive them. In the meantime, pictures have been leaked from internal Air France communications and can be viewed on Flyer Talk here.

The leaked internal memo says that the IFE screen of the new seat is 16 inches, and that the concept of the seat has been designed around 3 'F's - namely - Fully Flat, Full Access (to the aisle) and Full privacy (the seats are in a herringbone angled configuration, which gives all passengers privacy. The configuration is 1-2-1.

Air France had previously revealed details of its new economy and premium economy seating last year (see online news here) and had mentioned the new business class here.

The airline had said previously that the new seating would allow it "to move upmarket" and had been designed as a result of extensive market research with frequent flyers. Interestingly, it has chosen a different manufacturer from its partner KLM, which is currently installing the B/E Aerospace seat, though Skyteam partner Delta does offer this seat in BusinessElite.

Air France had previously hinted that the seat might be on all its long haul fleet, but there is no mention of the A380 getting the new seat. Instead the internal release talks of the 2102 seats on a total of 44 B777 aircraft.


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