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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Reintroducing The Boeing 747-400 Flights?

Since the delivery of the all new Airbus A380 superjumbo, Malaysia Airlines has retired all the old fleet of Beoing 747-400 since Dec 2012. Rumor was flying around for the past week that Malaysia Airlines (MH) to reintroduce the B747 flight.

9M-MPP spotted at the maintenance hanger
Well, there isn't any official announcement just yet but it is safe to say yes that MH will bring back the Queen of the skies into commercial service. It is true, it will be 9MMPP. It should be flyable after maintenance in about 6-7 weeks time.

There are a few reasons why the superjumbo is being brought back into service. Currently, MH has temporarily withdrawn it's A380 flight MH072 & MH073 to Hong Kong. The Big Bird was sent back to Toulouse, France for a permanent fixed on it's wing ribs which affected all A380 world wide. This process will go on until the second quarter of 2015 for all 6 of them being fixed. Yes, 5 A380s are sufficient for LHR and CDG ops but MAS needs a backup since A380s have been having some teething problems.

MH is reactivating one of the stored B747-400 as a relief aircraft once the A380 undergoes wing fix. Some may asked why the Boeing 747-400 and not the current Boeing 777-200ER? In terms of fuel efficiency, 772 is better than 747. Why would they bring 747 back when they can delay 772 retirement? Plus, 777 can fly to routes currently served by A380.

Simple, the capacity. Boeing 772 can carry only 283 pax, whereas, B744 can carry 359 pax. The diff is too much. So what is so excited about this news? The seat configuration. Well, this is "MH" we are talking about.. unlike SQ or CX that would go all out to keep their product competitive. I doubt there will be a new fresh livery or even the seats configuration change.

With MH B744 business config being half the capacity of their A380, what will happen to those other passengers? Most likely they would get an upgrade to first class. But how will this happen? Luck?! You'll never know what will happen. And which route will this beauty will fly? All I can say for now is just the waiting game. 

Product wise, it didn't really wow me except for the A380 that MH operates. But if you are looking for service wise, go for it. I never would travel with MH for short haul flights. But long haul, it is just wonderful. At least to me. Really love their new Business Class configuration on the A380. And maybe trying on my first experience on First Class with them soon?! Fingers crossed.


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