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Monday, February 10, 2014


For every little past, there will be a little reminiscing that stirs. As much as I hate to admit it, yes I do miss those crazy times in the past sometimes. As crazy as it sounds, I use to be so crazy, I make sure most of my sexual fantasy comes to reality. And I can't believe that time really flies. 

Nearly 3 years now being clean from drugs, that crazy awesome feeling still does lingers till this very day. I've talked a lot in the past how drugs kinda ruined everything I had. So, I was wondering why not talked about the good things that really happened during that period. Haha.. Maybe good to me at that point in my life. Well, fallen over the wagon for the second time in my lifetime does give me the edge. Most of my blog readers would have already know at a younger age I was already once an addict. But during the first time, it was relatively just the drugs without the sex. 

Well after all that messy separation with Baby J, I just kinda wanna numb myself. And I can say it does help me to move forward easier. So, what's the juicy bits about the sex and the drugs. Firstly it does boost your confidence in yourself. It was my slutty period I could say most (not that I wasn't one before). What I really do miss once a while was that crazy sex parties. The orgies was just overwhelming. In a good way. My life for that 3 years was all about sex. Of course there were the good parties and the lousy ones. 

One of the best thing was this orgy I had that not just only consist great sex, and also all of us are great friends till this very day. Best part is all of us are clean right now. It was at one of those high end service residence. Cuz first, we were all high on drugs, we needed really right security. There was 6 of us. All different kinda demo. Most of us were versatiles in our roles, so, you can imagine how things were. 3days 2 nights, 6 men,7 packs of 24s rubbers, 5 bottles of lubes, the drugs, the alkohols. It was amazing. I get to live a few of my fantasies that weekend. Blindfold, domination ( well this was the hardest to fulfill as I am 193cm, so.. U get the picture ) getting and giving doubled, in the swimming pool and voyeurism. Just the 6 of us doing things we never would believe that would come true. 

Most of us are happily attached now, but we still do keep in touch. Well, don't see that we would jump into bed again, but those memories we created is kinda the dope! There are always things that have two sides. The good and the bad. It is a past that is worth reminiscing sometimes. But do I wanna go back to it? I'm not sure that I would, but it is worth remembering. And I guess a great orgy has it's own rule to be sure that it is fun. 

1. Respect each other
2. Everybody touches everyone and not to be picky 
3. Bond and just have fun

Those were the things I really learned how orgies can be fun if the company abide to all these rules. Crazy times! 


  1. first pic is hot!!! I want that boy XD

  2. you're that tall! and 'experienced'!!

  3. I hope many more "kinky" stories of yours to come...




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