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Monday, May 12, 2014

Stop Bullying : Hypocrisy

Sometimes it really saddens me from what we are surrounded with. The ugly side of human nature. Bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone. I've been fighting for a cause for few years now, and yet, out there somewhere there is still people who are in pain out there somewhere.

I wanted to write this just to highlight a few things that I read recently that is hypocrisy in our society. I am not saying that most of them are, but there are such individual among us. In a way, I wonder if it was the age, culture, or the exposure around these people. When there is a cause to fight for such as the bullying of LGBT in our society, there were among the first to stand up for what they think is right for them. Kudos to them for believing in their cause. But where is the ugly side of this? It is among the LGBT themselves.

I recently read something on twitter. To be honest, a friend of mine actually. It is sad to say but truthfully it is an ugly side of human. To me, bullying is a no reason to act on. Don't gimme the excuse of being young and ignorant. But the thing is, to tweet publicly about your disgust for fat people is just as disgusting as the people who were homophobic.

I know that staying healthy and fit is like a "must" thing for most LGBT. But yet, for someone who you do not know and publicly tweeted about them is also a form of bullying. Maybe not to them, but for the people who reads it. What makes me sick is the friend of mine was actively fighting against bullying by homophobe.

And it just triggers me that "why you?" Of all people, this is the last thing I am expecting from you. The hypocrisy, and I do wonder if you really deserve all that you were fighting for. I know that we do for a greater good, but I have to get this outta my chest. I makes me wonder the people around, and their true colors.

No matter what a life choice that a person do, we can't judge them. I really do wish that all these will stop one day. If only everyone will be treating everyone like what they want others to threat them. The world would be a much beautiful place.

There are so much going on around us. Stop and take a look. Do we really wanna live in a world like this? Shouldn't we be the first to take that stand instead of waiting for others to do so first? We can't tolerate people who are homophobic and racist. But we can tolerate ourselves to saying bad stuff and shaming others who we don't like? Where is the common sense in that? 


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