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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Inside Air Canada's Boeing 787

Air Canada has opted for a three-class layout across 251 seats in the Boeing 787-8 with business, premium economy and economy.

The cabin has been designed for a “contemporary, sophisticated” look, the airline says, using warm natural textiles and fabrics, while the colour palette is based in slate grey “with hints of Canadian red and celeste blue”.

Air Canada Boeing 787 business class

The 20 business class seats, which Air Canada tags as ‘executive pods’, feature a similar mix of privacy and access as we’re seeing in other new international business products such as Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Qantas’ forthcoming Business Suite.

The 1-2-1 layout provides direct aisle access for every traveller, with the solo seats angled towards the window while the two centre seats are angled slightly towards each other.

Each of the middle seats sport a privacy screen which can be lowered if you’re travelling with a partner or colleague.

Seat pitch is 21 inches, while the seats extends to an 80 inch fully flat bed dressed with a 100% cotton duvet and, for that extra touch of indulgence, a new espresso and cappuccino service featuring Lavazza coffee.

Other creature comforts include an 18 inch touchscreen video panel and controller and an amenity kit featuring Canadian-made Escents aromatherapy products.

Air Canada Boeing 787 premium economy

If you’re more ‘budget’ than ‘business’, Air Canada’s premium economy cabin offers 21 seats in a 2-3-2 pattern.

Passengers get a 19.5 inch wide seat with 38 inch pitch and a 7 inch recline.

Each set has its own 11 inch touchscreen panel, USB and AC power socket.

Air Canada Boeing 787 economy

The rest of the 787 is given over to 210 economy seats ranked 3-3-3.

The 17.3 inch wide seats have a 5 inch recline and 31 inch pitch, although their slimine design should afford a bit of extra room around the knees.

To take your mind off the squeeze there’s a 9 inch touchscreen with a USB port and “universal power ports at arms’ reach”, which could mean one shared between 'triple' module of three seats.

For an extended sneak peak at Air Canada's new Boeing 787, watch the video below.


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