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Friday, November 1, 2013

It Finally Came After All

For the past few days, I can't really get out the song you sang to me. Somehow, music bonded us, and where should things go from here. I have finally fallen. I felt like my body is giving out finally. Well, I guess that it has been a long time since I last felt like this.

Feeling fatigue and all energy drain out. It isn't a bad thing at all. I was actually expecting this to come much earlier. Well, looking on the bright side is that things are getting better perhaps? I finally finished all my dosage and now just see how time unveil what is ahead.

Maybe it is just me being myself. I felt everything in the world right now didn't feel right for me. Maybe it is just me feeling tired now. What are the things that matters, and what are the things that didn't. In my mind, all I wanted now is to hide behind you again. And the moment when you left my home, everything just feels colourless. Or the raincheck with reality. Things aren't always clear for both of us. It feels right but yet, it has all the reasons for me to be.

All I can recall is just your voice singing this song to me and make sure I was sound asleep. And now again, I wonder where the hell I am leading myself to? Am I doing this for myself or I just wanted to be selfish. Anyway, all I needed is a good night sleep. Heading to bed after this. I guess I just needed that to be all okay.

Listen to my heartbeat and I
Try to follow where it leads me, that's right.
I don't wake up in the shadows anymore.
I can finally breathe 
I did a little deep down searching
Took a little time to work it through
But I found everything
The day that I had you 
I'm picking up all the pieces
When I put em back together I'm like new
Perhaps my greatest wish
Has already come true 
We'll always be connected baby
Like a button to a sleeve
And this lullaby… 
Will send you off to sleep
I'll be holding the wrap if you come on and fall
There is love after love after all
We'll always be connected baby 
Like a button to a sleeve
And this lullaby… 
It's hard to imagine
My life before you
Now you're the light
That leads the way 
I can melt the drops of freezing rain
I'll fly in and save the day
I will always try to make it
Better than it was for me 
You'll always be the first one in my prayers
Just close your eyes and I am there
It's a better world
Since you're my boy I'll always be your girl

Anyway, It really feels good to meet up with my bestie. It has been a great 26 years of friendship! And we both are only 29. It feels good to see you again. Safe journey to Argentina. I will see you again "soon"  


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