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Friday, November 22, 2013

Underneath The Sheets?!

Well, all I can say now is that jet lag is a bitch! I got no idea how am I even gonna survive the next few days. But anyway, Dubai is really one amazing place. I've been transiting over this city so many times but this was the first for me to explore. All I can say it is just amazing. Anyway, gonna post all about Dubai when I am not feeling all these jet lag. 

So, I read this article shared by one of friend on twitter. It is about "Why You Should Always Have Sex On A First Date". It is really a good read. Ok fine, at least to me. At some point, I really do agree with the writer herself. So, I decided to actually do something similar. 

Going back to the time I first had sex at 15 till now 29, I really try remembering how many first dates I've been on and had sex on it. Surprisingly only one. (Hook ups doesn't count) Oh well, not that I am against the idea. It just didn't really happen. But at the point when I was like slutty and all, those who really wanted to date, I actually just brush it off and didn't bother. I guess it was a rebound period and the only thing that make sense to me was drugs and sex at that time. Don't ask me how many people that I've actually slept with, cause I really don't know and it is impossible to count.

Now back to the topic, not that I have many that I actually dated. So far, I had only dated 5 people (1 girl and 4 guys). It all didn't happen on the first date. When I dated Laine, it didn't happen until the 2nd year. I guess we were young that time. When I dated O, yea it was sex on our first date. Part of it didn't really work out is just like what the writer says. LOL! Then, N and Baby J happen.

But after so many years, the question I really have is what happens underneath the sheets, does it really matters? I don't know. At some point, I would say yes it matters. Good sex is bound in a good relationship. But also at times, I would say no. Loving someone is like a process. Even sex is an action of showing, giving and receiving love to and from the other. So, what is it really?

We human changes every minute. The things we want and the things we desire tend to change either. Everything in life is a constant change. But we cope with it. I guess it is how humans are - COMPLICATED! HAHAH! Oh well, it's just a thought. I hope Dumdum would never read this. I can imagine all the answers I have to come up with to cope with him. But if he did, all I have to say is I love you for who you are, and you always put me in a happy place. *puppy eyes*


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