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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

World Championship of Marching Show Band 2011

World Championship Marching Show Bands 2011 is the biggest marching band championship in the world for year 2011. It will gather more than 30 bands from around the world in 8 days of competition, street parade and parties! Over 2900 band members will be in Kuala lumpur from the 23 to 31 July 2011. The participants numbers are larger than the Winter Olympics.

To organize in Malaysia a world class marching show band competition, adhering to world standards and sanctioned by the world body, World Association of Marching Show Bands.

WCMSB 2011 supports the development of a positive self-worth in every participant involved in the marching band fraternity - performers, teachers, parents and community - through this internationally-acclaimed event. WCMSB 2011 focuses on individual character building, self-discipline, leadership qualities and the fostering of a good value system.”

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultanah Asma from Kedah has made Malaysia proud by emerging victorious in the World Championship Marching Show Bands 2011 tonight.
The school scored 94.2 points to defeat 15 schools and community teams in the grand final for the championship Saturday.
Champion Maker Of Malaysia~ Mr Tang Chia Hoe

The trophy was presented by the president and chief executive officer of World Association of Marching Show Bands International Robert Eklund.
Suphanburi Marching Band from Thailand won second place with 91.7 points while Chien Kuo High School Marching Band from Taiwan took third place with 90.6 points.
A total of 30 independent marching bands from around the world had competed in the championship that started on Monday at the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium in Cheras.
The opening ceremony on Monday saw a street parade by all the participating bands, from Jalan Raja Chulan to Jalan Bukit Bintang

 The best part of the competition was I brought my best friend and his girlfriend who is also my best butts~ There was two AMAZING occasions.

First was
Just right after Sultanah Asma performance, She STOOD UP AND CLAP!!!!

Second was
This phrase kept going on all night in the car~ "Why my school don't have marching band like this? - (in Mandarin)"

The Final results for the 2011 World Championship~
94.2 - Sultanah Asma, Malaysia (Gold with honours)

91.7 - Suphanburi Marching Band, Thailand (Gold with honours)
90.6 - Chein-Kuo High School Marching Band, Taiwan (Gold with honours)

90.1 - Marching Band Gita Surosowan, Indonesia (Gold with honours)

89.9 - Victoria Institution, Malaysia (Gold)
 This is the video of SMK Sultanah Asma SASBAND during the finals~


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