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Saturday, November 16, 2013

36,000 Feet In The Sky

So here I am, 36,000 feet above ground, flying towards the land of anything you can imagine, it can be build. - Dubai. 

In some ways, I realize no matter even you have inflight wifi, after some time you eventually get bored with it. Imma still feeling the same. Nothing much changes since. But I guess it is a good thing. 

Imma now over the Indian air space, half way there. Part of me is excited to explore Dubai for the first time. In the past, it was only transiting over the gulf city. It's sorta like my shopping trip this time round. 

And also of course the highlight of the trip, bring at the Dubai Airshow 2013. Maybe like barbz says, I will have a plane-gasm! To be there and witness Beoing launching the B777X program is just something I never dreamt of. Glad I'm doing this. 

But now sitting here, it was just like a flash through. Living it again down memory lane. It is already 2 years since that happen. I remember it was my LA flight back to Malaysia. Somehow, I just miss you right now. 

There are literally so much that is going on now and then. But where to even start? Still nothing feels right to me. And it just made no sense right now. Coping with cancer is one thing, but living with it is another thing. The constant changes of your body. I wanted to stop asking why and what is happening. But can I really? 

I guess this trip somehow comes at the right time. I really needed this break. From everything. It's a good thing. I still believe it is. 


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