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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Grateful for my life, my health and my strength. Grateful for peace, longevity.

So grateful for my team who has been with me for 10 long years now. Cow, you have always been my pillar. Thank you for believing in what I write. Without you, I will not be a part of your amazing music career. Aben, Jason, Ashley, Max and also Brand, thank you for keep pushing me on what I do.

Dumdum, I thank God for you because you believed in me and you never gave up. You seen something in me others failed to see.

Leo, than you for stepping into my life at the time I really needed. You are a best friend, brother and almost like a counselling maid ( Yes, I am rubbing that in ) to me and I just wanna tell you how grateful I am for you being in my life.

Rainer, Garend, Andrew, Daniel, Cornflakes and Danny. You guys came in to my life just in time to feel that empthy lonely feeling of me. You are my family and I am grateful for that. Love you!

Mom and Dad, words cannot express how I feel about you. You never turned your back on me and never left. We can talk about anything . You guys are always like my best friend who I always have. I would cross the ocean for you,I will go and bring you the moon for you.

My brother, I am just grateful that you are still here. Just seeing your faces (even on FaceTime) makes me tears. I love you both so much my lil bros!

Grateful that I woke up this morning because somebody didn't or should I say some people if they could bring back a love one. Someone special they would. Grateful that the chains have been broken. No more chains holding me back.

To my writing team in LA, and the whole band, I love you and miss you so much! Thankful to all that supported me in my career and everything I do. Happy Turkey Day!

Last thing, I am grateful that I did not let my career or the entertainment business change me or allow me to lose site of what I really love. And that's my music. 


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