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Sunday, September 8, 2013


"Am I your safe person?" I asked.

"Yes,"He whisper as he look intently down at his feet,"But I..."

"Shhh," I coos as I leans in to kissing his forehead.

"Am I your safe person?" I asks again.

"Yes, but I..." he choke out before the tears start flowing.

"Then just let yourself be," I responds, and folds him into my arms. "Just let yourself be."

He rest into my chest, and the tears continue to flow. Slowly he let himself just be.

To Begin

It has been a long tough week. For either of us. With the visa and everything. Health and also well-being. It's like finally, everything just able to calm down. It was never easy to begin with. For either of us. We were different from the beginning. Normality is just a mere fairy tale word to us. And I am not even talking about our orientation here. 

But I guess what Andrew will always tell me, take one step at a time. I really miss you so much right now. Mr D, my big 3 and family. I really have no idea what will happen next, but all I can say is I am trying my best to be with you and walk you through this. For all that matters, it is just you. It was always you to begin with. You are all I have, you are all I need. You were always the air I would kill to breath. 


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