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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

April 8th

We met on a plane. Flight 001 American Airlines from JFK - LAX. Date, April 8th 2008, Terminal 8, Gate B2 at 7:45am. This was the first time we were met not for work. I sat next to the window.
Dumdum : Excuse me, is this seat taken? 
Me          : No.. Hey.. I didn't know we were on the same flight.
Dumdum : Hey Ric, yea. It's crowded at the back. I was trying my luck to see if there is any other place.
Me          : No, go ahead.
                 That's a fancy camera.
Dumdum : This? Nah.. It's just a hobby. I take pictures of... anything I suppose.
Me          : Anything?
Dumdum : I can show you.
It was a short flight for him. 3hours and 45 minutes. But it was enough to share the first page of his story. And just long enough for him to exchange numbers before leaving in LA.

When we met for the second time, we laugh.

When we met for the third time, we cried.

When we met for the forth time, we were quiet.

After that, there was no point in counting. It was obvious what was happening. And what is happening, there is only two things that matter. You and Me. 

We were just having coffee and taking pictures on our first date at the beach. That was why we were laughing. We were making pasta. Slicing onions while preparing the ingredients. Cooking and eating in at my place on our second date. That was why we were crying. We were watching black and white movie in a old cinema in LA on our third date. That was why we were quiet.

Jealousy. It's really a green monster. Somehow, he didn't looked like he was the jealous type. But that doesn't say much cuz I saw that side of him. No matter how righteous his intention was, it scares me. If there is any reason to be upset, maybe this was a good one. In some odd ways, it showed that he cares. He was really looking out for me. Besides, what's a relationship without a healthy clash once and a while. You can't have a high without a low. And unfortunately, there were more lows than high. Those were the moments that stands above all, and never flattered.

There was this one day, just us two. Sitting on the couch. I asked :
Dumdum, how will be your next partner like? 
Is that a trick question? he ask, and I say no. I wanna know what he thinks.
Someone like you maybe? Honestly, you are one of a kind. Not that easy to find. One in a million maybe?
So, there were 6 million people in the city. So that means there will 5 more version of me out there somewhere. Living their lives thinking it is just them. How do you know I am the one for you? I asked again.

Well, you should live the moment and not asking about weird odds and questions.

But I wanna know, maybe they will be asking the same questions. What would you say?

I'll say, we're the best for each other, and it will be us until the end. He replied.

Us until the end...
No one could have said it better than he did. It was perfect. But what I didn't realize, that there would be an end. A terribly sweet and natural end. The ones that hurts the most, but you still have to smile on and giving him the blessings. When his tour kicks off, I barely even sees him. It has been days, then months. And he was beginning to feeling something. Something that he didn't wanna admit. He felt like "we" were disappearing. And we really did. When I read his letter, I knew it was the end. A bitter sweet end that I couldn't object to. It wasn't a complete surprise to me. And I didn't cry when I read it. But when I woke up the next morning, the tears are there.
It didn't hurt when he was gone. It hurts when he couldn't able to tell when he could come back. All that distance, and all that time apart, it turns us back to strangers again. And the next time I saw him, it was just purely work.

Seeing him, wasn't really unexpected. But asked to been seen privately was unexpected. There was no more heartache, no more longing. It was simply one of those moments that you spend alone and never falter. So after so many years, we were both single again. Where do we go from here? Maybe I am still daydreaming that there might be another shot?

But what's in a daydream? It's a little bit of care-free imagination mixed with real life experiences- and topped off with a pinch of idealism. Sometimes the most interesting and meaningful moments we have are the everyday happenings that are easily forgettable. In the end, these moments are the true treasures that we cherish. Have you ever found yourself revisiting a chapter of your life when you least expected to? Does the story continue where it last left off? Or does it start over with new characters and conflicts? Well, this part is for you to figure out. This was our story. We started off everything yet again from first date to the third. And this time, Japan to round things up. So where do the future will brings us to right now? I wonder. April 8th all over again. 
Of course that the time frame varies. There are some questions that "some" were asking about. So I guess this would relatively put my case down. I don't know where the future might lead us, but I guess it is just time for me to put down what is between us in words. And yes Leo.. that "some" is partly for you. Hahaha.. 


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