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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Beginning Of A New Path

At the end of a long journey, I come to an end of another new beginning. Waiting to leave in few more hours, thinking back about all what had just fly by me. At a moment, I felt that I was so blessed and loved. I know many things were not under my control. But I am glad that what I have gotten back. It wasn't monetary gain or fame. It was the love by all my love ones. These few days was really overwhelming for me. I know all that had happen was perfectly out of my will. But I accepted that this is my body and I have to go through it myself.

A certain string of strong emotions flowing through me tonight. At the edge of  breaking my own self. It was not unbearable but it was also not pleasant. The attacks was haunting me from time to time. But I am glad that my emotions are lifted tremendously. At this very moment, the memory of a certain soul were dancing through my memory. It was really one beautiful one. I learn to smile now whenever it comes back to me.

I realize in life sometimes, we couldn't control what others may do but we are able to control ourselves. I am smiling and thankful to all the love given to me. I was relatively seeing the light of a beautiful beginning. One thing that had really really struck my mind was the smile you had on your face. It was something I couldn't possibly tell how intense that emotion was. It was a bumpy ride but it is all worth going through.

Maybe sometimes, no one may really understand why I do so, but it wasn't any way for others to say either. Listening on my iTunes repetitively, I really feel what I wanted to convey. Maybe now, you wouldn't understand or know what it is for. But soon you will know. I am currently walking the final few steps, and knowingly that I won't be alone in the end. It is a beautiful journey I would say. I would even say, I have no reason to be mad nor angry at a higher power as I have lived a life to what I am suppose to.

I know that it won't be an easy journey from now on. It is a beginning of a new chapter in life. But time is what I really want. Do I still have that? I know I could have that if I really put my own effort into it. It is about a will and the power of wanting it badly. I know many things I wanted, but it is a little too late to do anything about it. Having say that, I have no regrets at all at any point. Knowingly that I have you in my life and it is all worth it. I have lived a beautiful life. It will be a new beginning of a new path. Time is all I wanted now.


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