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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ricky Junior

At a moment there, I saw this little fella sitting at the edge of this pet shop! Once I walk up, he was like wanting to jump on me and keep licking my face! To be honest, I miss Gene Boy and Chris very much! At the age of 3 months and 3 weeks old Shiba Inu, he looked at me with the way like how Gene boy use to look at me. Call it fate or whatever, I knew I have to bring his baby boy home!

With his cream color coat with light brown ears. The curly tail that resemble Chris very much! He was like asking me to bring him home. The keeper ask me to hold him. It was sucha beautiful thing when I held him. He curled up himself in me. It was something I couldn't really explain how it was. I hold him up, and ask him, do you wanna go home with me tonight baby boy?

The only reaction I got from him was Bon stop licking my face. It was a yes!

In many ways, I found myself alive again. At a point where non would really understand the monster within which is taking charge most of the time now, it was like it gave in when this little boy look at me. Maybe I do think it's a way for me to hold on to my own. I couldn't possibly can explain how and what am I going through but all just made sense when he curled up in my arms.

Somehow I believe he could be a turning point for me. Having Lincoln around me, and now with baby Ricky Jr, I know the recovery would be fast. Having more faith now in myself, with the love and patience around me, I know that this is just the beginning of my Journey. A Journey I have ought to take no matter I like it or not. Things at its changing point here. I believe everything would turn out well.


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