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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A New Part Of My Life With Junior

Somehow when junior came into my life, so many things changes. Many things seems to fall into place. To be clear, Junior and I are meant to be. It is not because I need a distraction, but he walked into my life at the right time.

Having another son is like the proudest thing a father could get. Lincoln took us out today for a jog. And the next time I will not let Junior run freely! He reminds me so much of someone! Angelic on the outside, devil in the inside! Full of crap! Just like me. But having saying so, the bond we have I would say its quite strong for only short 3 days. As cuddly as he is, the only time he would stay quiet is when he snuggle in me. Remind me so much of Gene Boy when he was younger. But in so many ways, he is so much different. I'm pretty impressed with how he listens and obey. Easily trained. He really is a piece of my heart now.

Somehow I am really glad to have him in life, as he is somehow like my savior. Besides being happy and grateful to have him, I don't know what can I say more.


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