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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bonded With Love

Yesterday was purely a celebration of love. With the event that was lined up the whole day. I was happy I beg for home leave and all to be there. It was the love of two beautiful souls and the love of what we want in life. Confusing? I know maybe I need to read more to have to write better. 

I went out for lunch with one of my big three and it was actually a short and sweet one. It was a love of a friend who love to nag me non stop. That is not the point actually. So, I reschedule my treatment to go to my best "bitch's" wedding. I head off to the mall after lunch. Was suppose to shop for the event that night. And end up I had a huge fight with my own self esteem. 

Outta no where I meet up with an old friend of mine Mike who happens to be a DJ. In so many parts of life, I kinda am thankful to have him in life. During our coffee session, what really hit me was his passion for Music. In a lot of ways, I am thankful to have him in life. He actually changed my perspective in life. A lot of times, I felt that he is such an inspiring person. We had the same view regarding how is the music industry is and how the public take this matter for granted. But what we have in common is the love of music. He told me of the failure he had in the past, and until he found his own grip to actually get what he wanted. Seems familiar right? I honestly am very proud of him. Wanting to be an arranger and composer. I know you can do it. He got me off guarded at a point. Telling me what he had in heart. Music is something I wanted to share that emotions I have. We are artist and we never had better grip of our emotions. To keep us saint, we find our outlet and share it with the world. To a certain extend, I am very proud of him. Knowing the love of his life and passion that leads him. In so many ways, it was just a perfect mixture of sadness and hardship. He got his own slot now with a local radio station. And I am pretty sure that it is pure awesomeness out of his work. Heard it and love it.

It was a long catch up with him. And after it was my bestie's wedding. I manage to catch her in her room. I fainted when I saw her walking out with that dress and tiara. I never knew she was that pretty. A very vintage design and fits her well. The gown was perfect. With the train and lace, she looks like a princess. That Tiara fits her so well. Thinking back of the time weeks ago when she was all stressed up and wanting to just let go of everything. It was a remarkable journey I am sure for her. The night belongs to her. She was the only shining star. Besides her twin daughter who were just pure angels and of course the all time handsome Max. My best wishes and all the love for both of you. 

I don't even know why am I writing this. Maybe I am really happy for what had happen yesterday. It was just magical to me. Will be updating all her photos at the wedding soon on my Facebook and Twitter. I am glad I went to give her that love as her best bitch and was to witness that beautiful moment. I know this is crap to many of my readers. Just wanted to share this little part with all of you. Good night guys. 


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