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Tuesday, November 11, 2014










我看了你的文笔,我都了解你所说的每一个字。现在,没有一个人会了解。不是他们不会,问心一句  -  说了让身边的人明白,又能怎样?到后头,还不是给你   “他们”  的看法而已。了解?哈哈。。。 很可笑是吧。。。

可能我知道你不会读到我再写的每一句。但是  时间  是你唯一的好友。

你会觉得很累,        不想再走下去了。。。
你会觉得很痛,        不想再感觉似的。。。
你会觉得很委屈,    不想再被抛弃下。。。
你会觉得很孤单,    不想再一个人走下去。。。


目前为此,没有一个人,没有一句话 会让你好过的。你我都了解在世上,没有东西或感觉是永远的。你会爱一个人到永远,但他对你我的感觉是我们俩都无法控制的。这点,我们都得接受的。

但永远记得这句话 -

时间  是你唯一的好友。


  1. 有時候不是要朋友的理解 有時候就希望無話題的在身旁的陪伴

    寂寞是我的朋友 我知道自己必須的走下去 獨自的 無依靠的 偽裝著堅強 繼續走下去

    心慢慢的死去 放棄一切 離開一切

  2. google translate:

    "No real love, you will never understand the pain of losing a man.

    No real treasure, a person will never understand the pain of Acacia.

    No real loss, will never understand a person fragile heart.

    No real Acacia, will never understand a lonely person at that moment.

    Saw a friend of bloggers, I recall I do not want to face then choose to avoid heart. There are many, many do not want to talk about the topic, and even have to see a psychiatrist when the circus in general. Maybe I do not want to face my failure, I have done wrong choice.

    How can love? Until finally a man came. Perhaps, escape is also a good way to face. I chose the cliff, I do not want to look ahead. Some hope that want a dream-like, intoxicate themselves is good. If this continues, I feel much better.

    But to me, every day I stop to ask myself after two years, so why do I torture myself, that surge of pain, did not really leave me. I hate myself so, or so making fun of himself. Without you, I never forgive myself. Without me, you are better off. We used everything, you really do not care about it? In your heart, in the end I have no root too?

    Two years ah, two ah. . .

    I read your writing, I understand every word you said. Now, no one will know. Not that they do not, ask a heart - said the people around her to understand, but how? To come, is not for you, "they" view only. Learn? Haha. . . Funny is not it. . .

    I know you probably do not read every word I write. But time is your only friend.

    You will feel tired, do not want to go up. . .
    You will feel pain, do not want to feel like. . .
    You will feel wronged, do not want to be abandoned under. . .
    You will feel very lonely, do not want a person to go on. . .
    You will find it hard to breathe, you want everything to stop. . .

    These are all normal. Think I said, give yourself the space bar. I also thought that I will not have the kind of sweet story, but I'm four years later, I am very happy, I'm happy. At the time I, I thought I'd love again. So, give yourself a little breathing space bar. I know your every breath of pain, I understand your loneliness, I understand your grievances, I understand.

    Currently this end, no one, not a word make hello before. I understand you are in the world, or feel nothing is forever. You will love a person forever, but you and I feel he is we both can not control. This point, we have to accept.

    But always remember these words -

    Time is your only friend."

    i just died laughing. im to lazy to read mandarin so i did this lol

    1. time may my only friend. but scare remains



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