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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Falling Around You

If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love.

-Princess Diana
Holding On - Part 004 : November 10th 2014

The wonderful thing about love, it gives you so much hope. You would start planning further. Not just for yourself, but also for everything that makes the future a better place for both of us. The best intentions of life and working towards it. No distractions and no one could stop us from working towards that.

This is something very new to me. We were best of friends for years, and everything changes when we fell in love. Nothing more to hide, nothing more to impress. We just have to be who we are. Anything about us, the good and the bad is just a part of us. We accepted the way we are, we love each other for the person we've become. It is something rare that we never see coming. If you would have asked us months ago about is there any chances for us being together? Our answer would be the same " CRAZY! It's IMPOSSIBLE! "

I think that till this very moment, we both still don't believe it that we are together right now. It's really like a dream. I know words will be words. We are just glad things work out the way it is right now. I never felt so "normal" when I'm with someone. You made me forgotten every crap that I'm going through. The laughter we shared, just make all the troubles and tears seems like a memory. You have been my guide through all of it. You were there, when my fears blinded me. You kept me strong. This is how our story began. 

I miss that little things we shared. Our "jinxes". We literally finish each other's sentences without needed to say it out loud. And I think this would sounded crazy to many others, on our first day, we talked about baby names, second day we were talking about settling down in New York, third day we were talking about meeting the parents. I guess normally these topics were to avoid during the honeymoon period. But that makes everything wonderful when you fell in love with your best friend. It just makes all the crazies looks so beautifully romantic in the weirdest way. The way you loved me just made everything wonderful. I am thankful that everything works out the way it is. 

I'm thankful for falling in love all over again with you Bae.




  1. really happy for both of you =)

    here's my simple blessing for a beautiful couple,
    may both of you,
    love each other more and more as days pass,
    fill each others heart with joy and hope,
    age gracefully together,
    and last but not the least,
    may both of you,
    inspire other "people like us" to believe in true love...

    best regards,

  2. Oh my god this has to be the sweetest post I've ever read.......... :) :) :)

  3. Two familiar faces ; ) Congrats!!!! Feel so happy for both of you =)

  4. im happy for you ! long time din check out blogger and all i got was this "shocking" news. XD



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