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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Virgin Atlantic's 30th Birthday Brings the Boeing 787-9 to Boston

This isn't just any Tuesday. Today Virgin Atlantic becomes the 25th airline to fly a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, as they inaugurate their new arrival with flights between London-Heathrow and Boston-Logan.

This isn't just any 787, either. Virgin Atlantic is the first European airline to welcome the longer, cooler 787-9 to their fleet, and they do so on their own 30th birthday as an airline, hence the aircraft's name, "Birthday Girl" G-VNEW.

Inside are 198 Economy, 35 Premium Economy, and 31 Upper Class seats, plus a new "Wander Wall" concept in Premium Economy. This is essentially a snack-and-chat station, since the bar is reserved for Upper Class only. Speaking of that bar—it's been redesigned to fit within the 787-9, but you'll still be able to pop on a barstool and order a Virgin Redhead somewhere 38,000' above the Atlantic Ocean. Instagram it instantly, thanks to long-haul in-flight WiFi onboard.

How to see Virgin Atlantic's 787-9 for yourself

· Keep an eye out for the distinctive Virgin red paired with swept wings and chevron engine cowlings at Boston and London-Heathrow Airports.
· Book a flight! We priced tickets for November, and seats are available on the 787-9 both ways from$805 roundtrip in Economy, $1,400 in Premium Economy, and $6,500 in Upper Class.
· Stay tuned for more routes as Virgin Atlantic takes delivery of what will be a total of 21 787s. Other cities awaiting their turn with Virgin Atlantic 787s are: Newark, New York-JFK, Washington DC-Dulles, Delhi, and Shanghai. Should all go according to plan, DC will debut in December.

· Pro tip: Before booking, click the "flight info" option in your search results, to make sure "Boeing 787-9" is listed under the flight number.

What the 787-9 has over the 787-8

· Depending on configuration, between 40-80 more passengers can travel on the 787-9.
· More space means more area for fuel; the 787-9 can take over 3,000 more gallons of fuel and, with it, fly further for use on longer routes.
· A higher maximum takeoff weight allows for more cargo.
· Whereas the 787-8 is designed to replace 767-200s and 767-300s, the 787-9 has the numbers to replace A330s and 767-400s.

Aside from this specific plane being fresh out of the factory, there are some very definite improvements over the 787-8 while still boasting improved passenger comforts, 30% larger windows, 20% better fuel efficiency, and fewer emissions than similarly sized aircraft.

· It's 20' longer. (206' versus the 787-8's 186' length)

Upper Class:

Upper Class Bar:

Premium Economy:


For the latest updates and flight specials on Virgin Atlantic's 787-9, check out its official website.


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