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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time Travelers

Whenever there is a day when it all just made sense in a way. We asked so many questions again and again. We wonder over and over. And all the answers we wanted will never be answered. How Irony that could be.

Question 1

Why am I here again?

There are a lot of things if we put it down to perspective. The places we've been, and the places we think we've been. There is this place that we all know. Different people call it different names. But I think the best answer to that is a simple one. That name is "Yesterday". One day into the past. People might say that it is impossible, but everything is impossible until you experience it.

What do we know about time travel? Truth is, we've all experienced it. Time travel is everyday. People travelling through their lives from one day to the next. Yesterday to today, today to tomorrow. If you think about it, isn't it living itself is essentially travelling through time?

Take an hour glass for example. Imagine each grain of sand as a person.When you flip it, this is everyone migrating from one day to the next. See how the space on the top part is pretty empty. That is because almost everyone has moved on to the next day.

Question 2 : Almost everyone?

Sometimes, there will be a small grain of sand left on the top side of the hour glass that didn't make it to the bottom part. It happens, not a lot, but it happens.

Everyone we know in life has a different story. Some people, choose to live in the past. Now there's fear to escape the future, and some are.. just simply lost. I think we all know the feeling. All of them or sometimes, just either one.

We all have our very own last thing to do. Things we wanna know how would've been if the circumstances we different. I have a long list of that, and I know there are times, I just wanted to find that part to see how would've it been if all were different.  Did it help me during my revisit?

Things are still gone. And nothing will ever change that. And now and then, I am stranded in this empty void. But nevertheless, we will never be stranded. Somehow, we will get back. Or someone will get you back.

No one and nothing is really gone. As long as we remembered. They live on. We convince ourselves at times that there is nothing left on the other side, and we just wanted to just stay here. Living in our yesterday somehow might gives us a false hope that things might be the same. We don't thing that we can do that. But a wise person once told me :
Everything is impossible until you experienced it. One step at a time. 
We are all time travelers. Even though our paths are unique and challenges presented, one truth remain constant, What's to come tomorrow, and what's left behind yesterday is all determined by what we do today.


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