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Monday, June 16, 2014

Reality In Desires

Have you ever wanted the touch of another person's on your skin? The breath of another on your neck? The taste of another's tongue in your mouth? And that ecstatic orgasm of another's with yours? We all have that point where we wanna give into our inner desires. For all the taking however we choose, which way would I wanna give into? To satisfy my desires? Or to just let it be and waiting for it to pass away with time?

For some time in my past, I was a slave to my desires. (3-4 years if I wasn't mistaken) I would give in without even have to think twice. The things that I've ruined and the person I was after, was just too much for anyone to take in.

But giving the circumstances that I have right now, all those emotions were somehow secondary. I didn't want anyone else's touch on my skin, but I wanted your touch collide with mine. I am yearning for that familiar taste of your tongue instead of another's. I wanted that warm breathe that isn't foreign but that calms me. That ecstatic orgasm is just something I use to think about, but I crave for that synchronicity of our bodies reacts.

Maybe you could call this part of growing up. Many things that use to be exciting and give me that electric ecstasy was just something I look back and smile and say those were the wild crazy days.

As far as the eye can see, there is something about us that gives us that edge for something we always wanted. It isn't perfect at all with what we have, but all those imperfection makes it our safe heaven.

Don't get me wrong, desires will always be there. It always has, but what are our priorities to it. I know that many of those crazy things I use to do, might just stay as a past. Yes, I say might cuz in life, we really wouldn't know what is next would we?

I know that there are many things ahead of us that will challenge what we have. But all I could think of right now is how unfair it's just our love. Found something real that out of touch. But when we touch, the whole wide world is just at our finger tips. The quiet nights in New York city with just us lying in our bed, dreaming about the world that we own. The touches and kisses are the custom of the world we live in, and nothing seems to stop us for letting the natural desires in both of us living in our reality.

I have no idea at all how this post became such content. It wasn't my intention at first, but all I can think of is New York, Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Every smile that I see now in my head is so vivid. The memories of just us holding hands walking down the beach. Even when we don't talk, it wasn't lonely. It felt complete. It felt... right...

I am just missing you badly right now. I guess my initial intention for this post will have to wait then.


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