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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lose To Win

When I say lose to win I don't want people to think I'm only talking about love. There's people out there who've lost homes and jobs, health and lives. I want them to know sometimes you have to lose those things to put the right things in your life.

There are so many times in our lives when we fight for everything EXCEPT ourselves. We will fight four our children, our significant other, prices, politics, jobs and many other things but when it comes to fighting for us, at times, we simply give in.

So, think about where you have been in your life. Many have been to the end of the road and you made it back. I think about friends I have (even myself) that fought a battle to be free of drugs. I am sure many nights, they had to pray and maybe even cried trying to get themselves clean. There could have been times when they fought against themselves because they wanted to win but the addiction was so strong that they could not win. 

This could be for anything and not necessarily drugs. It could be a child that is on the wrong road that you are fighting and crying for. Or it could be even someone fighting to live every single moment in their life. 

Many times, a person has to hit rock bottom before they can rise to the top. Better yet, sometimes you have to lose to win again. For me, winning is accepting yourself into your life and allowing yourself to take that terrible situation that you are going through and show you how to deal with it. You might have to give up a spouse, a child, a job, a car, a house, friends, relatives, anyone or anything that is hindering you from winning. And winning isn't about what you get, it is all about what you learned. To be a better person.


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