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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Where Are The Compassion For MH370

First of all, I suppose that I have to agree with the power of social media platform does really gives a voice to many that doesn't in the past. But with this power we have in hand right now, does it mean that everyone could have just say anything on their mind regardless what are the consequences are? Is it ethically right to just speculate our view regardless on how others might been affected? 

At times like this, I really do urge that everyone do show some compassion towards those affected on flight MH370. I know all of us are eager to know what really happened. But like I say in my previous post, no one wants more than the families who are affected by the incident. As hours turns to days, hope is getting thinner and fear are eating them up inside. For all that is worth, what we could really provide them is some warmth and peace as it is bad enough for them. The least we could do right now is giving them a prayer. As of now, all of us fear for the worse to happen. 

In the past few hours, I think most of us could see what are all on our feed on Facebook. But how many of them are reliable? I know that we all fear for the worse right now, but speculations ain't gonna help anyone. I do urge everyone put aside their beliefs in politics, and focus on what more all of us could do for them. Early morning, It was reported that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-2H6ER plane designated registration number 9M-MRO got into an accident on the 9th of August in 2012. We would actually see pictures of the particular aircraft reg 9M-MRO had a wing clip incident in Shanghai. Many starts to blame the engineering at Malaysia Airlines that it could be the cause of the crash. But little they know, the wings was being repaired by Boeing themselves. So is it Boeing that should be blame? The aircraft was certified air-worthy. So does that mean that we should question the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) too?  News are reports are easily obtained on the net by simply using a magical platform call Google. 

That news died down. And when Singapore Authorities volunteered to lend a hand by using their submarines. Then there were so many submarines expert appear on all social media platform. Questioning about why our government didn't use our subs instead. All the blaming and bashing goes on. Don't get me wrong here, as much as I dislike the current running Government, but these aren't facts. The fleet that Singapore is volunteering for the DCA and SAR team is actually MV Swift Rescue fleet and the ones that the Malaysian Navy has are AV-2000 submarines. But even with that fact out, people were bashing now on why do we have to have warfare machinery? At this point, I really don't wanna react more towards all these crap. 

With all the speculations going on, what is the use for the blaming game right now? What will help the victims and their families on bashing what the current Government doing in the political scene. I am with the people against what the government is doing and how they are running the country. But does everything has to be politicize? These are actual human lives we are talking about. Even as for the fact that Malaysia Airlines has been bleeding money for years now, is it really wise to make the work horse of their fleet to try covering up something with the stake holders? It's a no brainer. The Boeing 777 is a wonderful aircraft that do wonders that other airliners couldn't. If this is real, I would rather use those aging Boeing 747-400 that has being retired and kept in storage. That would make more sense than the 777. And for a 11.8 year old aircraft, it isn't "old" and some legacy airlines in the world are using fleets of older aircraft than this. 

We all know deep down what is coming. But it doesn't mean that giving up hope is an option. Lemme ask this question back towards my readers. If it was one of your friends or family member on that flight, will you give up hope? Even with all the frustration without any information? 

And on this again, no airlines operating in the world would have a press release that their aircraft has crash when then wreckage isn't being found. For more similar incident, you can relate to a pretty similar kind of incident happen back in 2009. - Flight AF 447. The only difference about it is the signalling system. Why an aircraft wouldn't send out signal and suddenly lost contact with the Air Traffic Controller?  Go to Airliners or Airline Reporter to find out more about why that happens. If you are too lazy to read, find Air Crash Investigation Series on YouTube and watch all seasons to understand why, what, when, and how. I am not saying that it is wrong to share our thoughts, but make sure you have the bullets to back up your statement. Based on actual facts but not "facts" by third party or even some conspiracy we or others may have. 

One last thing I have to say is get your facts right before you decide to say anything. I read a tweet from a friend earlier that another person posted on his friend's Facebook page "R.I.P." without finding out the true facts. That is really inconsiderate! And again, there is enough of ugliness that many Malaysian has shown. Show some humanity and compassion. That is all I am asking for. Is that too much? Put aside all political views and let the DCA and SAR do what they need to do. This is now a world matter and ain't just a local thing. So many nations has involve themselves. Even the FAA and Boeing are involve. One thing for sure, there won't be cover ups when all these independent bodies are involved. They have their reputation and that matters more than anything else. Be patient, I know the anticipation is killing, but that is all we can do and saying a little prayer is all I am asking for. 


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