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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rough Draft

Writing something with Cow at two different sides of the world. With everything that happened around and the lost of faith, we hope we can bring some warmth through music. Still rough on the first draft. And we would like to hear if you have any suggestion for the title of this track.

Dedicating this song to all the families that are affected on MH370.

We are all the same
We feel the same pains
Domesticated creatures
With different names

No matter what I was in life
No matter what I did
I could look into your eyes
And see myself as a kid

A regretful river fills my heart
And butterflies reside
In my stomach when my mind, thinks of the times

The times we were together, and the times I wasn't there,
I hope you didn't care, I hope you didn't care

Go ahead through the pearly gates
Ill be there before you know it
At the touch of love and loss of love
We all become a poet
But this, is not the end

Thank you for protecting me
As pretty as a flower
I wish I had one more day
Or even one more hour


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