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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lemme Be No Part Of It

For every reason there is out there, I just want to be no part of it. So many negative energy put there' so many statement which clearly has no facts to back it up. Some people wanted more info for the sake of knowing what will be for them. But some people wanted more info to just criticize. It's just sad.

I never defend the current government on anything. But this is a little too much, no one criticize NSTB, FAA, CIA, Interpol, Boeing and other countries that contribute to the S&R team behind this incident. Satellite imagedry was also given days later, yet no one says a thing about it. The ground breaking new technology use by Inmarsat to locate the whereabouts of the aircraft, yet, no one even acknowledge it. This incident is above local governance. Please do not over estimate their ability to pull off such crap! But yet again, everyone wants a say to criticize and politicalize every single bit of info they have.

The families and relatives who are affected suffering from a lost that no one would understand. They can shout at the authorities, they can punch them, they can yell at them calling out names like "murderers". But do the others have a say to it? They are in pain, they are grieving their lost. Panda don't tell me you understand how they feel that kinda crap. Unless you have lost someone on an incident like this and yet being emotionally tortured for weeks! Then you may have your say.

Even the text messages news rotating online, get your facts right before you have a say about it. The families have given their consent to the airline to receive either text or calls regarding the updates. The airline wants them to be the first to know before reading it from the news. It's what the families wanted. Stop feeding on their pain to just satisfy your own urges just to bash others.

Those who posted on Instagram with a CNN headline that Malaysia Airlines pays $5000 to the families that are affected. I urge you read the whole story on the news before you wanna say something. It shows what kinda person you are spreading this kinda negative energy to those who really needed some positivity right now. Give love, don't create hate when it is not true to begin with. 

In the statement on yesterday's press release clearly stated that the authorities assume the aircraft is at the south side of the Indian Ocean. The information from Inmarsat states that the last ping they had ended at the south of the ocean where it is utterly remote and no landing strips were available at the vacinity. It is 18 days since the aircraft went missing. With Mother Nature's might, no living human would have survived. But sadly people will only read what they wanna read. And there is where all it began. Flight AF 447 made the same statement in 2009 (literally the exact same statement. Can be found on YouTube) Why not we question the French government too? 

I'm not saying I am a super knowledgable aviation geek, but relatively well updated. There are so many things might have happen to flight MH 370. If you can tell me what happen on Swissair Flight 111 and Helios Flight 522 tragedies without googling, then yes we shall discuss about this freak mystery. I too have a million questions in my head, but I know only time will tell. If you just want me to be a part of saying something bad about the authorities without any relevance facts, then I want no part of it. Solitude is my safe house. 



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