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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ending 2013


For every moment in 2013, I am really wondering how can I make it better, but in the end, with everything that is around me that is all that matters. I have the most wonderful company, I have the most amazing people around me. What else I could ask for? Timing really does matters. For every moment we have together, that is all that is needed to push me forward from here. 

3 more days, and I will be leaving Malaysia. I am excited with what is coming for me in 2014. I will be spending a whole week with Cow and her family, meeting Dumdum's family, and getting started in the studio. I miss this part of my life. I will be spending more time in the States next year compare to 2013. 

Winter is here and it is m favorite time of all seasons. Giving Boston one last visit, and leaving behind everything and starting a new in New York. I really dunno what is there for me, but I know amazing things will come. This trip back to The States might be a short one, but at least, it is a taste for me to start 2014. 

Meeting my besties is just very warming. For everything that is worth, it is really good to reconnect with all of them. Especially Dino and Rainer! Mr D, you meant so much to me I really don't know what words I could use to say how I feel. All I can say is you know, I know. 

To start my 3rd decade being in this world, I actually went for my 8th ink. And it is now healing just fine. Am really glad all that is going on in 2013, all I can say is AMAZING! You all made my life meant so much. There are too many names to put down but you guys know who you are. I love you all loads. 


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