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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ended Up Being About Taylor Swift

Do you ever listen to a sad song, and become emotional not because you relate to the words on your side, but because you feel like it could be the words and feelings of the other?

Sometimes I hear the emotions in the lyrics and melody, and I think… could I have caused them to feel this way? Is this “their” song? Was this what they went through, or are going through? And the thought of that is actually what makes me sad, the notion that I inflicted this, this sadness, anger, insecurity. Not that the words and message of the song reflect my feelings. (I do not take pride in this at all, it’s not a good thing. Just wondering if others feel the same)

Perhaps this is the reason why I enjoy Taylor Swift’s songs so much. (Yes, I just said Taylor Swift as my example). I’m obviously not a teenage (excuse me, 22-oo-OO-OO) blonde girl, but sometimes her songs give me a sense of what a girl in my past may have thought because of me. And it’s an intense feeling, of guilt, or regret. And isn’t that what music is supposed to do? Make you feel? So yes, I’m a fan of Taylor Swift.

Here’s one of her more recent ones that when it came out made me think … “I wonder if I was on the wrong end of this song in her life?”

Sucha good song. (btw, I would never have a problem with any girl wearing high heels. Who would??)


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